Mark Holyoake Invested in His Skills and Experience

Mark Holyoake originated from New Zealand where he was born in Wellington in 1983. He is a husband and a father of three daughters. Mark ventured in the business right after he acquired a degree in business in 1995 from the University of Readings. Mark has grown in business and is the founder of Oakvest Holdings. Oakvest Holdings is a private investment fund company that majors in real estate and private equity investments.

Mark Holyoake recently announced that he would resign from Iceland Seafood International (ISI) board membership. ISI is a seafood company that significantly contributed towards its growth and development during a consolidation time in the industry. The company serves at the vehicle of Mark Holyoake’s investments. It played a tremendous role in ensuring that the company is in a firm stand that ever before in this transition.

Mark Holyoake acknowledged his potential and ability to choose the best candidates around him. This has led to immense success in entrepreneurship journey. Mark never does micromanagement but instead leaves the responsibilities in the hands of his skilled employees. Mark has also treated any failure as a lesson. He has learned to approach everything with the right perspective to best sail through the tough entrepreneurial journey.

Mark Holyoake intends to devote more of his time to his health and physical fitness. According to Mark Holyoake, health comes first when he considers the various insights and opportunities for the future food industry. Mark highlights different innovative food technologies that manufacture healthier products in a revolutionary manner. Mark noted that he is exploring and doing follow up of such technologies. The new shifts and discovering in the public and science perception towards food will determine the goal setting and strategy for his future endeavors.

Mark Holyoake, in partnership with Andy Rogers, established The RX Clinic. Andy Rogers is a professional weightlifter. The two met during Olympic and decided to combine their skills and invest in a clinic that combines gymnastics and weightlifting by utilizing simple methods to train complex movements. The clinic has attracted attention from many clients over the years. Mark finally establish Mark Holyoake Gymnastics across various gyms which gained popularity.

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