LocationSmart Makes the World a Smaller Place

The world is a huge place, so LocationSmart is ready to step in and make it appear to be smaller. Each company has the potential to be spread out across several miles because the employees may be using several different types of devices to make their internet connections. The companies’ customers are also in several areas at once. Since the company’s data and assets are not located in one area, it is hard to obtain access at any given time.


LocationSmart has a solution for the abovementioned problem. LocationSmart is known as a mobile “Location-as-a-Service” or LaaS provider. This means that it can facilitate location services for the 15 million devices that are connected all over the world. Only one API is required for application developers to bring many different location technologies through the cloud. This makes the entire thing a flexible enterprise, and the technologically advanced world is thanking them for it.


In 2015, each person on the planet used approximately 3.5 connected devices per day. By 2020, we can expect that number to be as high as more than 6.5. On average, an employee needs to use about 2.3 devices to complete his or her work during the day. Because people aren’t staying in one place, companies must gather intelligence from one area so that they can communicate with customers, their assets and their workers, and this doesn’t take into account the device’s location or type of device. A company must have data in real time, and their services must be easy to access at every location. On top of that, they must ensure that they maintain their customers’ privacy and have anti-fraud protection.


The Solution


LocationSmart has a LaaS platform that gives enterprise application developers the ability to do all of the above and more. For example, LocationSmart’s IP geolocation keeps companies safe from outside attacks by using the automatic detection of activity that is coming from locations that are unauthorized or unknown. They can also prevent online fraud with IP address identification. The company’s customers or workers can log into their accounts, and profiling information and device location information can be used to ensure that the customer or worker is the owner of the account.


LocationSmart makes it possible for people to have an improved customer experience. For example, the platform allows subscribers who opt in to the program to easily find the company’s nearest location. This means that they have the ability to use SMS technology to find a brick-and-mortar location. The first thing that customers will need to do is give permission to the company to access the customers’ devices. Then, the customer receives the address to the nearest location. LocationSmart can also help you find any device that is located anywhere in the world.


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