Jeremy L. Goldstein, A Top Pick for Complex Corporate Legal Matters

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An attorney that’s certain to please is Jeremy L. Goldstein. Coming from a corporate law firm as a partner, he’s recently started his own practice. Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC was formed as a boutique firm to focus on his specialty. His area of concentration is in litigation and negotiations regarding executive compensation, corporate governance, and other sensitive legal topics. Jeremy Goldstein is no lightweight when it comes to experience. He’s dealt with some of the largest and most complicated matters in modern law. Goldstein’s previous firm, where he acted as a partner prepared him well, as they were a well-respected firm in corporate law.


Jeremy Goldstein is also well educated. Being a graduate of ivy league Cornell University, he was distinguished with cum laude status upon graduating with an art history degree. He continued on to earn a master’s degree in the same discipline. Goldstein then attended professional schooling at New York University’s School of Law. With so much experience and such a diverse background, it’s clear that Jeremy L. Goldstein is a top notch choice for corporate legal matters.


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