Jack Plotkin: Striving to Bridge the Gap Between Health and Technology

JACK PlotkinA hunger for knowledge and the drive for success has propelled Jack Plotkin along in his career endeavors. He is at the forefront of innovative changes in the healthcare industry and has worked with healthcare companies in technological advancements for nearly two decades.

Plotkin, a 2000 graduate of Harvard University, has always had a thirst for more information when it comes to both business and technology. He is currently the CEO of Cardinal Solutions, an advisory and investment firm located in New York City. He has advised over 100 Fortune 500 companies across all major industries, including healthcare and life sciences.

After joining a leading investment bank after graduation from college, Jack Plotkin began advising an array of Fortune 500 companies on multi-million-dollar transactions and business strategies. He built an online publishing and digital advertising business before creating his own advisory and investment company to develop start-up companies and to be able to consult with already established companies throughout the world.

Jack Plotkin’s focus today is to bring together the health care industry and advanced technologies to provide the very best health care for people throughout the country and the world. His goal is to improve the availability of data to patients and their healthcare providers to ensure they are getting the best preventative care possible.

Plotkin wrote in a recent article, “From Damocrates to Digital Therapeutics,” about his vision for the future.

JACK Plotkin

“Technology is revolutionizing the Western way of medicine and taking us from reacting to preventing. There is still a long way to go, but the proofs-of-concept and the pilots that are already out there are nothing short of breath-taking. It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive and thrilling to be part of the cutting-edge developments that will keep us that way.”