How Eric Lefkofsky has Redefined Healthcare through Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the few investors that have a huge interest in healthcare. In one of the conferences that are passionate about healthcare — Milken Global Conference — he talked about different ways the world of investment can assist medical space in acquiring the best technology and therefore saving lives. As a founder of Tempus, he understands how important private investment is to the medical space. Since the medical world is vast, he has invested in the technology aspect of healthcare — specifically Genomic Sequencing. Eric Lefkofsky believes that projects by this organization will change the future of treatment, and specifically complete ailments affecting millions of people in the world.

During Milken Global Conference. He also pointed out that the health systems in the world are not what they are supposed to be in terms of public-private partnerships (PPP). According to him, there is still a huge space for PPP in the health sector. In order to achieve more results in this sector, Eric Lefkofsky advocates for more collaborations in the industry. Although the traditional definition of partnerships in the world of medical services is resource-centered, he is a believer in knowledge exchange and more importantly — shared research projects. He hopes that shared projects will assist the medical world in solving more questions and saving more lives.

Due to this futuristic views and contributions to the medical world, Eric Lefkofsky is part of different advisory boards. For example, he is part of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company as one of the senior members of the Trust Fund and part of the management team. He is also part of other companies as a management board member. Since he is one of the most respected business executives in the USA, he is a believer in education and sharing of knowledge. In the University of Chicago — Booth School of Business — he is molding more young people into the world of business through education.