End Citizens United – The Game Changer

Every country has a constitution that governs elections and placement of delegates that run and rule the government. The law may give room for establishing a clear stand when it comes to sourcing capital needed for campaigns and election.

Every decision by a court of law has both advantages and disadvantages to individuals. For instance, the Supreme court`s 2010 decision changed the entire landscape of American elections. It allowed exploitation of funds on particular or personal interest rather than the benefit of all stakeholders including voters. The decision meant that votes were subject to sales, which discouraged many potential leaders.

The voice of voters is the very crucial factor that drives elections, and that’s why reformers such as Cory would stand out and speak out when things go astray. Cory and others formed the End Citizens United committee to counter the effect of the Supreme Court ruling in 2010. End Citizens United is funded by grassroots donors and is focused on reducing the impulsive expenditure on elections. To Cory and other stakeholders, End Citizens United means the voice of the people. It is a platform to exercise the freedom of speech.

End Citizens United organization has encouraged unity among citizens in America, young or old, the affluent, middle-class, and even the lower income earning citizens. The low-class individuals receive a new role in raising money to support elections. End Citizen United is democratically putting a limit on spending money and ensuring that the funds can are traceable. Openness in election expenditure will bring positive outcome by creating trust amongst parties.

End Citizens United is helping to wipe away the ranking of job creation and curbing terrorist attack. It is managing essential manifestos from all incumbents and ensuring accountability from them. The frustration that the Citizen United has caused to voters over the past elections will come to an end. Candidates have pretended to be committed to voters yet pursuing their corporate special interests.

Every unrealistic spending in elections will call for corruption, since candidates unable to meet the high demanding politics may involve themselves in the embezzlement of funds from other institutions. End Citizens United can truncate increased bribery and other illegal forms of gaining positions.

Equality is earned at the local level and in legal scholarship which in turn is to encourage positive progress. Productivity amongst citizens is also supported since they have faith in the working of the government.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/