Dr. Jejurikar Continues To Perform Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery For Patients In Dallas

Dr. Jejurikar is an expert in plastic surgery who is able to perform many different procedures for his patients. His practice is located in Dallas, Texas, and he has been making many patients happy by performing Brazilian Butt Lifts. This procedure is a form of gluteal augmentation surgery, and it takes quite a bit of time for patients to recover after it is performed. Dr. Jejurikar has gained prominence in his field because of his talent for paying attention to every detail when performing Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. Many women want to have rounder and fuller buttocks, and this is what this kind of surgery can offer them.

Patients who get the procedure are able to overcome genetics and gain a more youthful looking figure. Patients who are good candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift have plenty of fat stored in their body that can be used for the surgery. It is also helpful if their skin isn’t loose in the hips and buttocks. Dr. Jejurikar has many positive testimonials from happy patients who appreciate his compassion and thoughtfulness. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly qualified to perform a variety of cosmetic surgeries. He serves with the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force as a member and is also a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has worked very hard to reduce the kinds of risks that come with Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. He has been serving in his industry for more than 20 years and has worked with thousands of patients during that time. In his spare time, he works with various charitable organizations, and one of these is named Smile Bangladesh. While working with the nonprofit, he has performed many surgeries to help correct cleft deformities in the mouths of children from Bangladesh.