Dissecting the Successful Career Journey of Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has solidified her career as a businesswoman. Besides being an expert investor, she has also been working as an executive in various corporations. For starters, she has been serving at Sonangol, where she was a chairwoman. The company deals with oil, and it is based in Angola. The significant investments that she has made over the years have made her one of the most successful women in Africa. As a successful investor, she has also been dedicating some of her resources to her philanthropic ventures. She has also been empowering women while also encouraging upcoming entrepreneurs in Angola. Some of her efforts have helped to bring about a positive impact on the world economy.

Over the years, Isabel dos Santos has been dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate people in the community as well as ensuring that she can avail different opportunities to both men and women. In most cases, women are affected by various challenges such as the lack of opportunities, and that is why Isabel dos Santos is striving to ensure that there is equal treatment. The frantic efforts by Isabel have earned her some recognition when it comes to advocating for the rights of women. Her significant achievements in the business world have also allowed her to gain popularity on a global scale. Isabel dos says that the impact brought about by women is transformative and powerful. They can help to empower the community if given a chance and enough resources.

Isabel dos Santos has taken part in many interviews over the years, and she has found her massive success despite the presence of an economy that is dominated by men in Africa. Despite the hardship that she has come across in her path to success, Isabel has succeeded, and that is why she has been focused on helping other people in different ways. At the entry level in the business world, Isabel believes that women can succeed. Nevertheless, they need to be talented. Isabel advises young women to always gauge their passion and skills. It is also advisable to try and venture into some of the sectors that have untapped resources, and some of these industries include agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and minerals.


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Para a nossa Luandina ser reconhecida mundialmente pela sua qualidade, foi preciso muito investimento e dedicação. Este sempre foi o princípio que defendi: não nos podemos ser apenas bons quando podemos ser os melhores. E nós, Sodiba, com uma fábrica altamente avançada em tecnologia, colaboradores angolanos em quem investimos a melhor formação, com os produtos da nossa terra, reunimos todas as condições para ter um produto de qualidade incomparável como é a Luandina. Temos Engenheiros Químicos e Biológicos que acompanham todo o processo da cerveja, no nosso laboratório com tecnologia de ponta para assegurar a missão, como diz a Milu: garantir a qualidade e superar as expectativas 👌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Luandina #work #MondeSelection #GoldAward #Sodiba #Angola #tecnologia In order to have our Luandina internationally recognized, we had to have a lot of investment and dedication. This was always the attitude I advocated: why to be only good when we can be the best? And we, Sodiba, with a highly advanced technology factory, Angolan collaborators in whom we have invested the best education, with the products of our land, we have met all the conditions to have a product of unparalleled quality like Luandina. We have Chemical and Biological Engineers who control the whole beer process, in our latest technology laboratory to ensure the mission, as Milu says: guarantee quality and exceed expectations 👌🏾

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