Dan Bethelmy-Rada Perspective on Transitioning To Natural and Sustainable Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is part of the team at Global Matrix / Biolage as the Global Brand president. The company specializes in providing hair care products for their customers. Bethelmy-Rada has had years of experience working with big brands such as L’Oreal and Garnier.

Bethelmy-Rada explains how the concept to create hair products which are organic came about. He discusses how customers are not quite convinced with labels which ready naturally-inspired on them. They would want brands to commit to offering products which are 100 percent natural. These products should also not cause any negative effects on the environment. He continues to state that they wanted to have the whole production process from the manufacturing to the packaging of the products be of the highest quality possible. The major challenge they experienced was the cost which came about with this process. Despite this, they did not compromise on the vision of the natural and sustainable product they had.

Another aspect they considered was to encourage everyone on social media to transition to using natural products. As a result, the company’s Instagram account saw bloggers and influencers give their stories about how their transitioning to more sustainable habits has had a positive effect on them. He recognized that customers like making their own decisions when it comes to purchasing products. They did not want to be lectured on what is good and bad for their hair. Therefore, Bethelmy-Rada and his team decided to reach out to hairdressers. They encouraged them to use products which are wholesome in nature and sustainable to the environment.

Growing up, he was always a focused person. He spent his time studying at prominent schools. Since he moved a lot, he also learned the language and culture of foreign countries. His internship opportunities earned him real-life experience. These set him for his future success. Bethelmy-Rada uses his senior position as a platform to advocate for change. His years of experience and travel has enabled him to reach a wide scope of people. As a successful person, he also uses that opportunity to support several causes.