Dallas’ Surgeon Dr. Jejurikar Creates the Greatest Buttocks

People travel around the world in hopes for the perfect butt. Buttock augmentation surgeries are a suitable option with a great turnaround time. Dr. Jejurikar of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute specializes in two augmentation procedures including fat transfer and silicone implants.

Buttock fat augmentation, known as Brazilian Butt Lift, involves transferring excess fat from areas like the back, thighs, and abs using liposuction before it is purified with antibiotics and injected into the glute muscles. This procedure is used for buttock enlargement, however the majority of patients use BBLs to contour the behind for a more round, proportional shape while reducing the size of the waist. Patients should avoid putting weight on the buttocks for at least ten days and avoid intense exercise for up to six weeks.

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An option for patients with less body fat use the implant method. The surgeon puts the patient under anesthesia and adds the solid silicon, giving the buttocks a firm feel. Unlike breast implants, solid silicone does not leak. The buttocks drains placed during surgery are removed after 7 days and patients should stay off of their butt for up to two months. To perfect your shape, additional liposuction is highly recommended.

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