CTRMA – Developing The State Of Texas Through Smart Integration Of Technology With Transit Infrastructure

Texas, even though one of the most critical states of the United States and is developing at a rapid pace, there is one area that needs a lot of improvement, which is its transportation infrastructure. When compared to other major states of the country, Texas lags far behind in Transit Infrastructure, and it is why recently a conference was called in at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, which was attended by the big names from the public and private sector. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://communityimpact.com/topics/mike-heiligenstein/

Crunchbase said that few of the people in attendance included Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kosper, Leandre Johns, Jared Ficklin, and more. All these personalities are highly influential people in the state of Texas and are associated with developing the state’s infrastructure and increasing transit capacity, one way or the other.

The topic of the discussion at the conference was to find the ways technology can be integrated with the transit infrastructure development, which can help increase the transportation capacity of the state and not just Austin.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein is associated with Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority for over twenty years and currently, serves as its Executive Director. He has helped with the development of the landmark 183A toll road and its extension, which is a billion dollar project.

Mike has worked in the public space for many years, mostly in the departments concerning infrastructure and transit development.

At CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein is responsible for managing many different projects that agency is currently handling. Before joining CTRMA, Mike also held the position of Williamson County Commissioner.

He believes that the development of the state of Texas and its highly developing suburbs is only possible by creating a network of smart roads across the state.

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  1. Chris Rempel Post author

    CTRMA has really, really tried a lot in developing Texas and I like it because the transportation system over there is completely messed up beyond recognition.

    Just last time when I was search for getting through a cut a Benson Street, I visit a portal there and I was told to click here to get more information about the next Bus terminal.

    But to my greatest surprise nothing came up at all and it made me really sad indeed which I find not to be so interesting at all.

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