Crucial Principles for Successful Product Marketing In the Digital World by Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is an entrepreneur currently working as a Global Brand Consultant at Self, operating in different fields which include technology, sports, and finance. He graduated from the School of Business at Babson College based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States, with an MBA in 1996. His experience working at Nike for about two decades has enabled him to become among the top critical individuals in the business industry.

Steve Lesnard highlights the art of product marketing in the current digital world which has introduced more innovative and dynamic mediums; hence changing the existing forms of marketing. Digital product marketing through dynamic and social platforms is beneficial but can cause adverse impacts to your business when leveraged inadequately. Brands as such should introduce new products highlighting correctly benefits accompanied and the added value it comprises to the consumer.

Keep the Benefits and Descriptions Clear

According to Steve Lesnard, clear product description entails highlighting the benefits, uniqueness and the additional value it comprises compared to the existing or competitive brands available in the market. Ensure the story remains simple, free from mistakes and adopts innovative and relevant communication procedures for delivery of the intended message. For instance, the popular iPod program, 10k songs in your pocket, separate Apple from competitors, as the company focuses on simple and beneficial details introducing a new solution in the market. The description is accurate and direct while the expansion succeeds over time hence developing more products with immediate sales due to simplicity in digital marketing strategies.

Bring Customer Experiences to Life

Make all the descriptions highlighted about the given product real and crystal clear for consumers considering the type of platform you are using. Some of the methods to use include video description in the correct context, highlight customer testimonials and begin with the essential features that make the product more beneficial. For instance, Yeti, an outdoor lifestyle product company based in Austin, Texas, positioned themselves by marketing their products through their ambassador’s lifestyle. The technique enabled the company to sell themselves while making their products realistic through the support of ambassadors broadcasting the message to reach consumers.

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