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Marc Beer Leads LumeNXT in the Production of Illumination Devices for Safe Surgical Operations

LumeNXT is famous for its innovative work in the growth of surgical illumination products. The products are mostly applied in minimally invasive procedures. The company has made surgeries to be safer than before with improved visibility in the operations and minimizing potentially dangerous disruptions for doctors who are in the operating room. Also, surgeons can […]

Determination and Innovation: Smita Shah

As CEO and President of SPAAN Tec, Smita Shah is a monumental business leader with vast engineering and business knowledge. Numerous platforms have recognized Ms. Shah for her exponential performance. Crain’s Chicago Business acknowledges Ms. Shah as the nineteenth most connected individual in the state. Her talents have allowed her to serve on the Board […]


Sergey Petrossov is the Brains Behind JetSmarter

We have all heard of Uber, the rideshare program that allows drivers to make the most of their car and to provide paid rides to those that are close by. CEO of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov is working to make his company the Uber of the skies. Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States with his […]

How Jack Plotkin and Telehealth Affect the Medical Industry

Many people haven’t yet heard about the concept of telehealth but it has been looming over the horizon for many years and Jack Plotkin think it’s poised to change the medical industry forever. It generally entails consulting with your physician without actually having to visit them at the doctor’s office. When they first started using […]

Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

Joint Ventures is managed by Gulf Coast Western LLC. Its focus is on the gulf coast area of America, and it explores and acquires oil and gas reserves. The company makes use of its vast resources along with its industry know-how. Part of the process is Joint Ventures commitment to providing high rewards with low-risk […]

The Generational Advancement of Women with Smita Shah

In the world of business, anyone of any background can make it big with just a simple idea. The spread of technology has made this even easier in the 21st century. However, this is still one major hurdle affecting a sizable portion of the population. Women are not as proactive in the business industry, and […]

Sergey Petrossov, Ruling The Skies With Elite Travel

The billion-dollar business concept developed by Sergey Petrossov allows ‘elite’ travelers to save money on frequent flights. JetSmarter is the first of its kind, a mobile app for aviation travel, it’s designed to allow those who prefer private jet to fly without the exorbitant fees. By sharing the transportation costs, no one traveler carries the […]