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All About Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the man behind MergerTech. Before creating MergerTech Khanna started a few other businesses. He has worked very hard within every single company that he has started. His one main goal in life was to make sure that every single business he created became successful. Growing up Nitin Khanna saw a lot of […]

Michael Nierenberg : Mortgage Services Innovators

Currently serving as Managing Director at Fortress, Michael Nierenberg also serves as a Senior Executive Officer at New Residential, where he offers his expertise and experience in the mortgage servicing industry. It’s easy to see why his skills are highly prized by the mortgage real estate trust, that trades on the New York Stock Exchange […]

James Dondero and Aiding Everyone

James Dondero is a sedulous executive who operates out of Dallas, Texas at this moment in time. He wasn’t always situated in the lively Big D, however. He worked for some time decades ago in Los Angeles, California. He went to school as a young adult in Central Virginia as well. Jim Dondero is someone […]

James Dondero Works Hard to Support Nonprofits

  When you attend the opera or visit an art gallery, did you notice any signs thanking either a person or an enterprise for their grants? You likely did, but didn’t pay the commentary much mind. The grants provided to the arts, however, are significant contributions. Without them, many theaters, performance centers, and art venues […]