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Top Attractions in Chicago

One thing is for certain: you won’t ever get bored in a city like Chicago. The city is home to some of the best nightclubs, museums, galleries, and entertainment in the country. If you’re new to Chicago, you may not have had the chance to explore all of the fun the city offers. Don’t be […]

Sergey Petrossov develops jet set community

While at University of Florida, entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov worked for his first startup and quickly learned that the right technology can bring value in a short time. His first startup, an education technology firm that provided cloud-based software for Russian and Eastern European educational institutions interested in offering online and remote courses. A testament to […]

Amid the dense world of wealth and estate planning, Raffaele Riva is at home

Raffaele Riva is founder, co-owner and a partner of Aurea Multi Family Office, a series of firms specializing in wealth and estate planning, asset management, real estate, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland. He is a portfolio, asset and investment manager for establishments and for private parties, with […]

Marc Beer Leads LumeNXT in the Production of Illumination Devices for Safe Surgical Operations

LumeNXT is famous for its innovative work in the growth of surgical illumination products. The products are mostly applied in minimally invasive procedures. The company has made surgeries to be safer than before with improved visibility in the operations and minimizing potentially dangerous disruptions for doctors who are in the operating room. Also, surgeons can […]

Sudhir Choudhrie- Successful Entrepreneurship

Sudhir Choudhrie is an entrepreneur based in London. He was born in India, acquired education, and then changed his citizenship to British in 2010. He is a philanthropist and has experience in various fields like real estate, healthcare, aviation, and hospitality. He has taken most of his life investing in multiple businesses that have been […]

All About Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is the man behind MergerTech. Before creating MergerTech Khanna started a few other businesses. He has worked very hard within every single company that he has started. His one main goal in life was to make sure that every single business he created became successful. Growing up Nitin Khanna saw a lot of […]

Sudhir Choudhrie Succeeds Becoming a Multi-Billionaire

Early in life, Sudhir Choudhrie had high hopes for India, the country he grew up in and received an education. Born and raised in Delhi, he didn’t discover success until he found real estate development company, Alpha G: Corp Development. It was his first business venture he started in 1975 providing construction and management services […]

Determination and Innovation: Smita Shah

As CEO and President of SPAAN Tec, Smita Shah is a monumental business leader with vast engineering and business knowledge. Numerous platforms have recognized Ms. Shah for her exponential performance. Crain’s Chicago Business acknowledges Ms. Shah as the nineteenth most connected individual in the state. Her talents have allowed her to serve on the Board […]