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Luke Lazarus Turns Experience into Fuel For Startups

 Habits of Success When asked by a recent interviewer what habits make him more productive Luke Lazarus answered the habit of documenting all he does or plans to do is vitally important to his success. He enjoys using all the media gadgets he has at his disposal to stay on top of his game. Whether […]

Luke Lazarus’s Secret to Success

Luke Lazarus is a native of Melbourne, Australia and started his first business at the age of eight. He has founded numerous others since. He was a straight-A student all throughout school and also has some proven talents in sports. He was wanted by Ivy League and other prestigious schools around the world. In the […]

Marc Beer’s Contributions to Healthcare through Renovia

In a 2018 report by the World Health Organization, innovations and research are still the main drivers of alternative medicine. The report outlined that there is a huge space for alternative medicine, and therefore, professionals should invest more resources in finding better ways to treat different illnesses. In the past three decades, professionals such as […]

Luke Lazarus Shapes New Startups For Success

It’s an exciting prospect for anyone to own a successful business, and it is technically possible for almost anyone to start their own business at any time. The exciting part ends when realizing that the majority of startup companies these days cannot withstand the economy or changes in the marketplace for more than a few […]

Marc Beer Appointed as Chairman of the Board at LumeNXT

Marc Beer, a man with extensive experience and passion for what does. For more than 25 years, Marc has had profound knowledge of commercialization and development. He is immense expertise in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostic device industries. In 2000, after Marc Beer was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer at Viacell, the firm which deals […]

Find Out How Luke Lazarus Breaths Life into Failing Startups

Luke Lazarus is an expert at identifying struggling startups and helping them get back on track in terms of increase in revenues made. His career, which spans over twenty years, has been a steady streak of repeated success with his clients. With his expertise in the field getting a start up to make profits and […]