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Crucial Principles for Successful Product Marketing In the Digital World by Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is an entrepreneur currently working as a Global Brand Consultant at Self, operating in different fields which include technology, sports, and finance. He graduated from the School of Business at Babson College based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States, with an MBA in 1996. His experience working at Nike for about two decades has […]

Sharon Prince contribution to the environment

Her partnership with Weems Carrie Mae Weems is a famous and influential American musician in this generation. She knows how to utilize spaces and make full use of them. Her vision corresponds with Sharon Prince foundation operations in the regions of people and wildlife trafficking. Her foundation is known as the Grace Farms Foundation in […]

Bhanu Choudhrie is Taking C & C Alpha Group into the Middle East

C & C Alpha Group, which is a company that has huge portfolio in various sectors around the country is interested in investing some of its returns into the United Arab Emirates. Bhanu Choudhrie is the head of the business and he oversees all the operations of the company. He has been the executive leader […]

Remarkable achievements of KOI IXS under Edwin Miranda’s leadership

Based in Puerto Rico’s San Juan, KOI IXS refers to a marketing agency driven by performance and characterized by full service. Edwin Miranda has both passion and talent and views himself a lucky one in association with his able group comprising of thinkers, creators, strategists, and designers. Often, he keeps the firm vision on points […]

Felipe Montoro Jens: International Business Success

Felipe Montoro Jens assist international and domestic business individuals with successful revenue attributes. When an installer installs flooring, they may want to clean the surface first. Cleaning a surface can take as little as five minutes. When an installer cleans a surface, they will use a cleaning product. When an installer purchases a cleaning product, […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Plans To Expand Aviation School In Asia And Enter Saudi Arabia’s Desalination Sector

Bhanu Choudhrie, a UK-Indian billionaire and the director of C&C Alpha Group stated his plans to expand the firm’s operations in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Choudhrie has shown interest in UAE for decades. The company’s Sharjah-based aviation school Alpha Aviation Academy are expected to see a lot of growth in the next […]

Jason Hope contributions towards the treatment of age-related diseases

SENS Research Foundation involves itself in Rejuvenation technology, with the help of well-wisher’s contribution. The contributions to the organization are being used to develop drugs that fight complication that comes with aging. Moreover, the organization aims at fighting cancer, Parkinson’s diseases, cellular and molecular damage, and Alzheimer’s disease. The organization relies on preventive strategies on […]

The Mind Behind Eucatex – Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is from a wealthy family that had indulged into politics. His father is a prominent businessman in Brazil. Despite being born into a wealthy family, Flavio Maluf has succeeded in his endeavors courtesy of his hard work and quality entrepreneurial skills. He is also in possession of a Mechanical Engineering degree from the […]