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Kevin Plank Supports California’s Fair Pay To Play Act

Having been a college athlete himself, Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank recognizes that the Fair Pay to Play Act can bring life-changing benefits to college athletes today. Many college athletes struggle financially. Receiving compensation for the use of their likeness, images or names, and allowing them to make endorsement deals, could bring much needed income […]

Darien Dash Does Good Work By Putting His Clients First

Darien Dash is a financial and business advisor who is sought-after by people in all kinds of industries, from CEOs running small or large businesses to athletes. He also gives good advice to those who are in the entertainment industry and part of the reason he knows so much about it is because of the […]

Gino Pozzo and Family: Successful Football Club Owners

Gino and the Pozzo family have always had their eyes on the money and building their fortune. As residents of Italy, they loved the Italian Football Club and set their eyes on it. After years of working hard at his tool business in Udine, Italy, Gino Pozzo’s father was able to acquire the Udinese Football […]

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank Reflects On His Career

Kevin Plank is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Under Armour, one of the largest apparel firms in the World. Plank was recently named by Forbes as one of the most powerful CEOs under the age of 40 in the World. Here is a closer look at the career of Kevin Plank. Early Beginnings […]


James Reese and the Entrepreneurial Attitude at TigerSwan

TigerSwan sends it top contractors to some of the most dangerous parts of the world. Even in relatively peaceful areas, the contractors often head directly into dangerous situations. Such is the nature of the security and special operations profession. James Reese acts as the company’s chief executive officer. He understands the complexities associated with private […]

Lincolnshire Management Bolsters Its Team With Four Key Position Hires

New York-based Lincolnshire Management has added some muscle to its team of financial all-stars with four new hires. A spokesman for the long-established private equity firm said it is bringing on Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona as Senior Associates. Mr. Nacier is the former U.S. Director for Iconic Holdings. He was instrumental in developing […]

Major changes 2018 Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens, announced the Brazilian government will be investing R $ 44 billion to cover the implementation of 57 projects and 22 sectors. It’s important, as pointed out by Felipe Montoro Jens, these 57 projects, will have over half of them not be implemented or even made available until the last three months of […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Has Some Tips For Other Entrepreneurs

When Bhanu Choudhrie started C&C Alpha Group after relocating to London in 2001, he was following in the footsteps of his family who had been involved in real estate investment for more than three decades. The native of India’s father and uncle co-founded a business in the 1970s that dealt with the import and export […]

Serge Belamant, the Patent-Holder of Blockchain

Blockchain tech was developed for the transparency, data accuracy, and security of financial institutions and customers. It’s a set of digital ledgers containing transaction data. The ledgers are linked together, yet digitally encrypted. This is helpful in financial transactions, especially international ones, as well as executables such as smart contracts (self-executing contracts between buyer and […]

The Inspiration Behind Tigerswan | A Leader In The Management & Security Service Industry

James Reese served in the US Army for 25 years as a soldier, special operations commander, and a lieutenant colonel until his retirement in 2007. The Mansfield University graduate and veteran dedicated himself to serving fellow veterans and leading an international crisis management and security firm. One year after retiring, James Reese launched Tigerswan in […]