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Major changes 2018 Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens, announced the Brazilian government will be investing R $ 44 billion to cover the implementation of 57 projects and 22 sectors. It’s important, as pointed out by Felipe Montoro Jens, these 57 projects, will have over half of them not be implemented or even made available until the last three months of […]

Bhanu Choudhrie Has Some Tips For Other Entrepreneurs

When Bhanu Choudhrie started C&C Alpha Group after relocating to London in 2001, he was following in the footsteps of his family who had been involved in real estate investment for more than three decades. The native of India’s father and uncle co-founded a business in the 1970s that dealt with the import and export […]

Serge Belamant, the Patent-Holder of Blockchain

Blockchain tech was developed for the transparency, data accuracy, and security of financial institutions and customers. It’s a set of digital ledgers containing transaction data. The ledgers are linked together, yet digitally encrypted. This is helpful in financial transactions, especially international ones, as well as executables such as smart contracts (self-executing contracts between buyer and […]

The Inspiration Behind Tigerswan | A Leader In The Management & Security Service Industry

James Reese served in the US Army for 25 years as a soldier, special operations commander, and a lieutenant colonel until his retirement in 2007. The Mansfield University graduate and veteran dedicated himself to serving fellow veterans and leading an international crisis management and security firm. One year after retiring, James Reese launched Tigerswan in […]

Bhanu Choudhrie, Indian Entrepreneur

Born in New Delhi, India in 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie has built a high-flying corporate career as the founder and chief investor of the C&C Alpha Group, which holds stakes in real estate, healthcare, aviation, banking, utilities, and hospitality. The conglomerate acts to develop both existing businesses and to incubate new ones. A graduate of Boston […]

Paul Mampilly Provides Useful Investment Tips to Common People

With so many people struggling to understand how they can create wealth over a period of time, following the investment strategy that Paul Mampilly guides through in his financial newsletters can be fruitful. Paul Mampilly has been an asset to the numerous financial and banking organizations he has worked for over the years. It is […]

Ara Chackerian and Hatzalah

Ara Chackerian would have heard about the Hatzalah and the innovations that it can bring to the world. He would listened because he keeps his ear to the innovative streets. You see, Ara Chackerian is an investor and a leader in healthcare. In fact, it was only in 2018 that the nonprofit answered over 315,000 […]

Getting to Know Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman has over 25 years of experience in the business world. Bauman was born in Washington, DC, in the heart of the US political machine. As a boy, his family moved to Maryland. Finally, as a young man, he emigrated to South Africa. A whole new world opened up to young Ted Bauman. Eventually, […]

Steve Ritchie puts emphasis on diversity training

Papa John’s International Inc. has decided to roll out diversity training for all its employees. In an open letter addressed to stakeholders of this company and which was published on the company’s website, Steve Ritchie, the new CEO, outlined this and other measures that he is going to take. Steve Ritchie took over his role […]