Being Responsible And Successful Like Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a very successful, responsible and generous man. He and his wife take the time to give of their resources in order to build their communities. While they have gained a lot when it comes to finances, they still remember those that are less fortunate. He is not one of those people that are going to turn a blind eye to those that are struggle. He instead wants people to have a fighting chance. This is why he and his wife give billions to initiatives and foundations. One of the areas that he and his wife give the most is in the education system.


One of the reasons that Dick and Betsy are so focused on education is that this is one of the areas that people have to go through in order to become productive. They are working very hard amidst the system in order to help people build a new system that is going to teach people the needed skills in order to succeed. Among the classes that would be good are finance and business. People need to know what goes into building successful enterprises so that they can have a better chance at success in their career.


Dick DeVos himself has learned a lot about business. Among the skills that he has learned are marketing, interaction and leadership. Dick has proven to be a great leader in business and in family. He has shown an example of how to conduct oneself. His children looked up to him. For one thing, he has shown understanding while at the same time didn’t allow his children to get into anything that would not be good for them in the long run.


Dick has held a lot of positions in different companies. He has even started a company of his own that he has brought to high levels of success.


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    He has also instilled the value of charity in his children so they can carry on the values. One thing that Dick has shown is that he is willing to take risks while at the same being wise about his decisions. It makes so much sense to buy essay cheap which may not be ordinarily easy for them to understand to fully.

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