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NewsWatch Undertakes a Successful Review Campaign for Avanca’s Pocket PC

Avanca recently hired NewsWatch to hype their upcoming Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC. Avanca aimed to raise $10K within 30 days, as per the crowdfunding agreements that constitute an Indiegogo campaign. The same rules also state that failure to raise the mentioned amount in the 30 day period means your company gets nothing. NewsWatch created and aired a minute-long video to the millions of web and TV audiences they have.


Great Results


The outcome of Avanca’s Indeogogo campaign was fantastic. The startup managed to raise a jaw-dropping $456,551 before the 30 days elapsed. Avanca owes a great deal of gratitude to the out-of-this-world online promotion campaign undertaken by NewsWatch. It’s not every day you find a startup raising 29 times more capital than anticipated.


Recommended PR Firm


Nathalie van Wijkvliet, Avanca’s Marketing Director, praised NewsWatch for the outstanding campaign and went ahead to highly recommend the promotions firm to all prospective startup entrepreneurs. The minute-long Avanca segment reportedly reached well over 95M American households and over a million online users.


Here’s a Vimeo link to a video featuring Avanca’s Director, Nathaniel talking about her wonderful experience working with NewsWatch and their upcoming products.


About NewsWatch


Since starting in 1990, NewsWatch has a gained a cult-like following for its crystal clear, concise and informative mobile app reviews, consumer news, celebrity interviews, public service announcements, editorial and sponsored electronic reviews like they did for Avanca’s new PC. The show also airs content for non-profit awareness campaigns and transmits live on-site interviews via satellites.


To watch the latest reviews and editorials on the television show, tune into to AMC Network on Mondays at 7 am. Alternatively, you can catch up with the reviews and interviews by NewsWatch on all the affiliate stations of the Ion Television Network. Most of the production takes place out of their Washington, DC offices, but NewsWatch has offices in places like Denver, New York City and in Fairfax, Virginia. It is the property of a leading media production company called Bridge Communications.


New York Fashion Week Allows Academy Of Art University Students To Shine

For U.S. arts colleges, the pinnacle of any career will be the arrival of one of their students at New York Fashion Week. The Academy of Art University was celebrating after an amazing 21 shows from ten recent graduates of this privately owned school were featured on the New York runway taking in both men’s and womenswear collections from a diverse range of students; one student showing their work on the runway was Chinese-born Hailun Zhou who was educated at the school where her photography classes inspired her work at New York Fashion Week.


Graduates from both the BFA and MFA courses at the Academy of Art University arrived at New York Fashion Week where they arrived with a strong reputation as a major force in the fashion education industry. In total, the Academy of Art University graduates showed five womenswear collections and two menswear collections which highlighted the technical skills of the designers learned through the school. The reputation of the Academy of Art University was shown at New York Fashion week by a large number of dignitaries taking their place beside the runway to take in the excellent work of these recent graduates.


Established in 1929, the Academy of Art University was founded by Richard Stephens who focused the attention of the academic institution on the magazine and publishing courses the college remained rooted in until the 1990s when Elisa Stephens took over control of the institution. Under the leadership of Elisa Stephens, the institution has grown from only around 2,000 students to around 18,000.


It was under the leadership of Elisa Stephens a greater focus was placed on other areas of the visual arts including the fashion industry where various designers have passed through the doors of the San Francisco-based institution. In 2007, the Academy of Art University began its participation in New York Fashion Week which its students take part in every two years.


In a bid to create a new way of looking at various aspects of art and design, including automotive design the college owns and operates the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum containing many classic and rare cars.


Entrepreneurship Lessons Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned entrepreneur. He is the current president of New Ventures where he also couples as the Chief Technology Officer. Malcolm CasSelle has been at the helm of various firms for quite some time now. During this period, he has started companies right from scratch and seen them through to their success.


Most of the companies that Malcolm has associated with are in the digital industry. He has also invested in various firms including Facebook and Bitcoin-related companies. And if you didn’t know, cryptocurrency and bitcoins are soon going to revolutionize the way people trade. Here’s why


Currently, there has been a creation of the Worldwide Asset Exchange commonly referred to as WAX. The decentralized platform created here allows every person to participate in the marketplace for the virtual game assets. While here, they demonstrate their ability to tokenize various in-game products.


The purpose of WAX is to reduce the various transactional costs as well as creating a market that will facilitate the transfer of assets. The benefit of this being fractionalizing of players profits from their centralized exchanges. Tokenization allows for more natural ownership of virtual assets. You are therefore in a position to create an open economy with the potential to expand to various physical assets.


Whereas tokenizing assets has its own set of benefits, there are still challenges associated with the method. These include developing systems that ensure that the specific tokens on the blockchain are attached to their assets. And, this is where WAX comes to the rescue, it uses a multilayer approach to governance creating a regulatory oversight body by the respective token holders.


The virtual exchange process is executed by the users who bear the responsibility for transferring various items. These are known as transfer agents. They have supervisory committees referred to as Guilds. How then do these virtual exchanges occur?


If the Transfer Agent is unable to perform their respective duties, the financial stake and the guild reputation will be adversely affected. If the guild does not act against any underperforming Transfer Agent, the token holders will not appoint them to govern their game. And that is how the feedback loop ensures that tokens and virtual asset remain connected.


Richard Blair Offers Clients Three Pillars of Wealth-Building Strategy

Knowledge-building through patient guidance runs in Richard Blair’s family. His mother, grandmother and his wife taught school and Richard saw the positive effect that all three women could have on inquiring minds. That might be at the heart of why Blair, in 1994, started Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm located in Austin Texas.


Today he offers investment and wealth-building consulting and advisory services to a client roster of individuals, families and small business owners in his community. His objective is to provide long-term financial security and boost the well-being of his clients through his own three-step approach, which can be referred to as his Three Pillar strategy. This highly personalized approach is tailored to meet the unique challenges and opportunities marking each client, but it can be outlined in this way.


Pillar One — First he sits down with his clients to get a clear understanding of their financial picture, their income and expenses and available savings, their goals in life and tolerance for risk. This he sees as a sensible starting point for all investment discussions and decisions.


Pillar Two — In full collaboration with his clients, Blair uses the information they’ve documented to custom-tailor an investment strategy that will meet their unique goals in life. The next stage of this pillar is to manage the investments agreed upon by executing strategies designed to maximize his clients’ portfolio over time.


Pillar Three — Once these long-term wealth-building goals have been set and strategies enacted to start meeting those goals, the final step is to address Blair’s clients’ insurance needs. This will be a customized mix of plans that can include life insurance, long-term care and annuities. The goal of this wealth-building pillar is to increase the confidence of his clients in their ability to protect their assets and loved ones in the face of financial crisis or unanticipated expense.


Through the expert guidance and the tools provided by Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, clients can get answers to their economic questions, increase their financial knowledge and boost their long-term financial security, independence and peace of mind. Learn more:

James Larkin a Dublin working class hero

James Larkin has become one of Irland’s most prolific labor organizers. Larkin founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union but fell apart following the Dublin Lockout. Larkin visited the United States but was deported. He continued his labor movement long into the 1940s.

James Larkin was born January 28, 1874 in England and grew up in the poor neighborhoods of Liverpool. Larkin did not receive a formal education and worked a variety of jobs as a youngster, eventually landing a job as a foreman at the Liverpool docks. James Larkin eventually became a trade union organizer in 1905.

The National Union of Dock Labourers did not approve of Larkin’s methods so they sent him over to Dublin in 1907 where he ended up launching the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

James Larkin gained notoriety for leading the 1913 Dublin Lockout, which saw over 100,000 workers go on strike for almost a whole year. The lockout was the most severe strike to ever hit Ireland. As a result of the strike, all three of the region’s newspapers painted Larkin as the antagonist.

In response to World War I, James Larkin held anti-war protests in Dublin and later traveled to America intending to raise money to fight against the British.

In the 1920’s he was found guilty of criminal anarchy and communism but later pardoned and sent back to Ireland. James Larkin has been memorialized through literature, music and even has a monument built in honor of him in Dublin.

Larkin attempted many times to run for office and actually won in the 1927 general election in Dublin North. James Larkin always helped the working class of Ireland whether through organizing protests for better pay or other methods. James Larkin was a hero to those in Ireland, especially within Dublin.

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Dr. Mark McKenna, Philanthropist

Dr. Mark McKenna is a huge advocate of the decline of smoking in the United States. As a medical doctor, this is a fact he takes pride in. Too many lives have been lost to smoking. When asked his habits, Dr. McKenna stated that he is an avid reader. He reads at least one new book per month.

His advice for doctors and future entrepreneurs is to strive for success. He has never had a “job” because he has always worked for himself. He took the time to find himself and cultivate his passions as a child. He recommends others do the same. He moved through college fast and focused. His advice? Speed with a present mindset. Without focus, speed is futile.

When posed with the question what has helped his company grow the most, he answered that he always surrounds himself with people smarter than himself. This strategy is guaranteed to improve you when you are looking to achieve greater things. He is currently investigating opportunities in cryptocurrency cash exchanges. His experience with computers is involved with medical technology and Microsoft Office suite. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Dr. McKenna recommends all new entrepreneurs read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book is absolutely phenomenal. He mused on the ideas posed by the deep dive into visualization in the book. His biggest influences are Michael Bloomberg, Elon Musk, and Barack Obama.

Dr. McKenna was named Director of Life Time Fitness Inc. until 2016. In July 2017, Dr. McKenna became the CEO/Founder of OVME. He formed the company with the vision of a consumer facing, technology empowered, aesthetically focused company that’s reinventing elective healthcare. Dr. McKenna received his license in surgery and medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He is a graduate of Tulane University Medical School. On August 29th, 2005 a disaster struck America. Hurricane Katrina roared through New Orleans. Sadly, most of McKenna’s business pursuits were put on hold. He took the initiative to assist in the rebuilding effort. He took to the streets and created new low-income housing for families in need.

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Daniel Taub: Staunch Orthodox Jewish ambassador representing Israel in London

Daniel Taub is the most successful Israeli ambassador in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was appointed to represent Israel between 2011 and 2015. Daniel Taub is initially from Britain. He was born and grew up in Britain before moving to Israel in 1989.

Daniel Taub caught the attention of the people right from the first day he presented his papers to the Queen. Unlike many other envoys who come wearing state of the art designer made suits, Daniel Taub came out in a traditional Jewish attire; a morning tailcoat stripped trousers and a Kippah.

A Kippah is a round piece of cloth usually placed on the head. This act was to signify that despite being in the U.K in a very high office he was not ready to give up on his Jewish culture. The interests of his Jewish community were very close to his heart. Daniel Taub is a staunch orthodox Jewish believer.

Daniel Taub had already signified that he would be a great diplomat representing his Israeli country to the best of his abilities and that nothing would change or prevent him from practicing his Jewish believes. In all his office businesses, anyone who met Daniel Taub can attest to this.

Having been born in the United Kingdom before moving to Israel, Daniel had to drop his country’s’ citizenship and adopt that of Israel. By the time he was coming back to the U.K as an envoy, he had spent more than 20 years representing Israel. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | About

At the end of his four years tenure, Daniel Taub felt that he had accomplished his mission. He felt that what he had met his personal goals and that of his nation. Not only Daniel Taub who thinks so, but many other members of the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom also confirmed it. In a farewell party conducted on his behalf by the Jewish community, they described him as the best ambassador since the era of Shlomo Argov, the Israeli ambassador in the 1980’s.

One of the challenges that Daniel Taub faced was representing Israel at a time when there was an international crisis between Israel and her neighbors. However, despite these obstacles, Daniel Taub made sure that that the relations between U.K and Israel were at no time affected.

Daniel Taub represented his country in various media forums such as Today and Newsnight. He was also part of other media discussions involving entrepreneurs and academicians.

All About Dr. Jennifer Walden Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a prosperous plastic surgeon doctor. She graduated from Anderson High School. After graduating, Dr. Jennifer Walden earned Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas. After Walden graduated, she then attended the University of Texas school of Medicine. She graduated holding the title as salutatorian of her entire class.

Afterwards Dr. Walden became a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Throughout the years she earned many awards and preformed excellent work, which brought her lots of recognition. For example, in 2014, Dr. Walden earned the title of being one of Texas Super Doctors. Also, Harper’s Bazaar magazine named Dr. Walden the best out of 24 surgeons in the United States.

In addition, Dr. Walden is not a stranger to national television. Dr. Walden is a normal guest on television networks like Fox News, E!, ABC, and CBS. Dr. Walden has also been on Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories and VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession. Dr. Walden’s medical advice and comments have also appeared in some of the best media sources like New York Magazine, MD Monthly Magazine, MD Monthly, Texas MD, Austin Women and many more!

As if these achievements aren’t enough, Dr. Walden is also an author. She has received many awards for research papers that she had wrote. She also co-authored with Elsevier in 2010 to publish a book titled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In addition to writing she also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. One of her hobbies is teaching! She was chosen by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Traveling Professors on serval different occasions to teach others. As you can see, Dr. Walden is very successful. She is extremely unique because she is not only a doctor, but she is also a mom, author, teacher, and scholar. She has been good at everything she’s done in her life. Dr. Jennifer Walden is truly one of a kind!


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Transforms Bradesco Bank Into A Leading Financial Institution In Latin America

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a reputable executive who has mastered the art of uniting values such as wisdom and determination and turn them into tangible results. He is the boss of one of the largest and most trusted insurance companies in Brazil. The Brazilian insurance sector has registered impressive success due to the growth and stability of the country’s economy.

Education and Career Trajectory

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a sixty-year-old executive. He has been a prominent leader in the financial service and insurance sectors. He joined the University of Sao Paulo and pursued a course in philosophy, sciences, and letters. He furthered his education at the Sao Paulo-based Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics by completing a course in socio-psychology. Luiz Carlos ventured into the banking sector at the age of 18 years when Banco Bradesco appointed him as the clerk. He handled various junior positions for more than 15 years. His hard work and persistence paid off, and he rose to the position of the marketing director. During his tenure at Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos modernized the bank’s communication and cultivated a strong relationship with the media.

Luiz Carlos served as the director of the marketing division of the Banco Bradesco for eight years. He left the bank in 1992 and joined Bradesco Previdencia as the CEO cum president. Bradesco Previdencia is a reputable privately owned firm that specializes in private pensions. Luis Carlos oversaw the implementation of the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, one of the leading marketing campaigns in Rio de Janeiro funded by Bradesco Seguros for nearly 20 years. He held the leadership of Bradesco Previdencia until 1998.

Luiz joins Bradesco Seguros

Bradesco Seguros hired Luiz Carlos as its executive VP in 1999. After four years of impressive leadership and phenomenal success, he took over as the president of the firm. Bradesco Seguros is a conglomerate of eight businesses, including Bradesco Saude, Capitalizacao, and Bradesco Vida e Previdencia. Under the wise guidance of Luiz Carlos, the company expanded its presence and stamped its authority in Brazil. It took over the 25 percent of the Brazilian insurance market. Additionally, the insurance giant improved its performance from 25 percent to 35 percent and became the biggest insurance firm in Latin America. Armed with over four decades of banking experience, Luiz Carlos climbed the leadership ladder and became the overall president of the Bradesco Seguros.

Acquisition of the Brazil’s HSBC

Luiz Carlos is one of the executives who masterminded the acquisition of the Brazil-based HSBC Bank, which was the largest and most reliable business in the country at that time. Due to his role in this transaction, the Isto E Dinheiro Magazine named him as the Entrepreneur of the Year. Luiz Carlos transformed the composition of Bradesco Seguros’ management by allowing talented specialists from outside the company to apply for high-profile management positions. Under his able management, Bradesco Seguros unveiled a leading corporate university known as Unibrad, and he started training its workers and executives. Unibrad won the coveted GlobalCCU Awards in the category of the best corporate university worldwide.

How Luiz Carlos spends his day

Luiz Carlos begins his workday very early in the morning. He arrives at the office at 7 A.m. and leaves at 6 P.m. In the evening, he might meet with other business partners for a business dinner. Outside the office, Luiz Carlos loves to travel and to spend time with his family.


In 2009, Luiz Carlos made it to the list of the 100 most powerful Brazilians in the nation. In 2016, Forbes Magazine named him as one of the most respected CEOs in Brazil.

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Rubica Helps You Avoid Cyber Attacks

A rise in the level of cyber-attacks has caused many damages to companies, individuals, and governments. A good example is the WannaCry that attacked 300, 000 computers and other digital devices in 150 countries in May 2017. The ransomware in the computers is said to have been the worst attack of its kind. To avoid such cases, companies are asked to install serious cyber security measures.

Cyber security is important as the cost of cyber crime has been on the rise since 2013. Between 2013 and 2015, the cost is said to have quadrupled to almost $500billion. By 2021, the cyber security ventures report that the cost is likely to have risen to $6trillion annually ( The estimated cost includes data damage and destruction, stolen money, theft of intellectual property, theft of financial data, funds embezzlements, fraud, hacked and deleted data, forensic investigational, and even the disruption that occurs in business just to mention a few. The rise of cyber-attacks on medical devices has also risen greatly and is expected to reach $101billion by the year 2018.

Cyber security is also important because the severity of attacks is also rising. PwC reported that the attacks have become more destructive as they target a broader array of attack vectors and information. Case in point, Hillary’s emails became public news during her campaign when people hacked into her personal information. Politicians face a huge threat, where their personal information is concerned (Facebook).


Instead of spending weeks changing passwords and updating software, which can still be hacked into, download the Rubica App that safeguards all your information from cyber-attack. It only takes five minutes to download the app. Rubica eliminates the complex cyber security issue and takes care of it for the information owner behind the scene. The App protects the cyber criminals from accessing and using your finances for their personal gain. One is advised to download the app for each of their devices, including tablets, phones, computers, among others etc. Companies are also advised to contact Rubica for cyber security as the high costs from the attacks can cause them high losses. They can also install the apps on all their company computers.