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Igniting Their Passion For Generosity-Stream Energy Proves They Care

Supporting local communities is a passionate belief, and of great importance to Stream Energy. Their humanitarianism, and generosity are fundamental values that clearly exist within the organization. Stream proudly support their employees’ efforts, in their philanthropic endeavors.

In 2016, the company formed Stream Cares. In a recent feature on, the charitable foundation’s ongoing community support initiatives were highlighted. The article spoke of their joint efforts in working with other charitable organizations that support the causes, which their employees feel they can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Homelessness is one such crisis that plagues cities like Dallas. Partnering with organizations such as Hope Supply, the staff at Stream Energy has been able to fund special events like Splash for Hope. Splash for Hope is an annual event that covers the costs for more than 1,000 homeless children, to spend the day at a local water park, and assists in providing items these children need like food, clothing and school supplies.

In addition to working with Hope Supply, Stream Energy has also worked with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross in fundraising efforts, to help those affected by a series of destructive tornadoes that ravaged North Texas in 2016 as well as the recovery efforts after Hurricane Harvey, in 2017. The victims affected by these disasters are not just their customers; they are neighbors, friends and families. Stream’s employees felt compelled to do what they could to offer their assistance.

The supportive relationships Stream Energy has developed with both their employees, and their communities serves as an exemplary business role model of corporate responsibility. The strong philanthropic network that exists between the Stream Cares foundation, and other charitable organizations, has enabled the company to give back to their communities. As a result, Stream Energy has earned enormous respect and customer loyalty.

Stream Energy is a direct-selling company that provides a variety of residential and commercial products. Their services include energy, renewables, natural gas, mobile phone and life services. The company was founded in 2005, and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Jason Hope contributions towards the treatment of age-related diseases

SENS Research Foundation involves itself in Rejuvenation technology, with the help of well-wisher’s contribution. The contributions to the organization are being used to develop drugs that fight complication that comes with aging. Moreover, the organization aims at fighting cancer, Parkinson’s diseases, cellular and molecular damage, and Alzheimer’s disease. The organization relies on preventive strategies on combating these age-related complications. SENS supports the work of scientists, researchers and investors in the field of medicine. One of the philanthropists who has shown interest in the foundation is Jason Hope, who says that he hopes to take part in the expansion of anti-aging research.

How Jason Hope Is Fighting For Anti-aging Research

Jason Hope contributed about $500,000 to the foundation in 2010, which the foundation says that it directed towards the construction of a laboratory in Cambridge. The contribution of Jason and the contribution of other generous people were headed towards a new research program that researches on degenerative complication in old people. Among the diseases that affect old people are Alzheimer’s and Lung diseases, which the foundation says without proper care the disorders could lead to premature death as it breaks down the human body cells.

The age breaker program developed by SENS Foundation has come up with drugs that help to prevent glycation and metabolic waste. When people get older, they build up metabolic waste on their bodies that lead to cell degeneration. Little research has been directed in this field; thus there is little treatment of old age ailments, the funding will help the researchers to gather missing critical information on treatment of old age diseases.

Results on the research have been disappointing in the past since the tests have been done on animals. Researchers thought that they had found leads based on the results obtained from the animals, but it turned out to be negative. The genetic differences that exist between humans and animals render the finds obsolete. Today however researchers understand the complexities that exist between humans and animals; advancement in research might yield positive results in the future. The possibility of effective treatment of diseases in the future has caught the attention of researchers who include Jason Hope.

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Serge Belamant: Co-Founder of Zilch Technologies & Genius Mind Behind IT Developments

Serge Christian Pierre Belamant hails from humble means as the son of a tiler layer. He was born in Tulle, France where he resided until age 14 when his father decided to move the family to South Africa for new experiences. In those new opportunities, Serge Belamant was able to attend Witwatersrand University where he set to studying computer sciences.

It didn’t take long to determine that Serge Belamant had an impressive aptitude for digital financial transaction software coding. In fact, through his work with several different companies during this time, Serge became a vital member in the establishment of several cutting-edge tech advancements that continue to affect the way our society conducts their banking transactions today. One of the most notable of such is the chip technology that continues to be immensely popular today.

Additionally, Serge Belamant and Net1 collaborated on a form of digital payment system in 1999 which allowed for the expeditious funding of welfare grants to South African citizens in need. The system was so effective that it became widely sought after by other countries, including Iraq and Russia where it is now used today.

One of Serge Belamant’s most recent accomplishments is co-founding Zilch Technologies, based in the United Kingdom. He credits the initial idea for the company to his son, IT engineer Philip Belamant. Serge was intrigued by the social media aspects of the business and the manner in which it could be used to create a set of seamless, innovative, and affordable financial products or services which truly served the needs of the target population.

Now semi-retired, Serge Belamant is the first to admit that his change in employment status hasn’t really altered his lifestyle too drastically. He still begins the day with lists of tasks which need to be completed, still works with the businesses in which he is involved, attempts to preemptively solve the minor issues that he can see coming before they become at all problematic, and simply provide general guidance from a position of great experience. Additional hobbies include chess, lunch with his wife, and regular additions to a book he is attempting to complete.

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Enjoy NexBank Financial Features Today

NexBank is one of the most popular financial institutions in Dallas, Texas. They’re one of the fastest growing online banks in the industry with over 346,000 customers. Their goal is to provide superior service for industrial, commercial, and personalized account holders. They got their start in personalized accounts says, CEO, John Holt. If you have business account needs, you can get an account that also comes with their signature Mastercard®. NexBank puts your money to work for you with account features like their interest bearing savings account. You also have the benefit of a peace of mind with ample assets and FDIC insurance.

NexBank Special Features

NexBank offers their customers significant features without the traditional bank fees. That’s right; NexBank is committed to saving you money. You also have access to their live support through their 800 number. Their customers never get stuck with an automated system when they have questions about their account. In fact, you can also get support online with 24/7 support. They pride themselves in putting the financial needs of their customers first. At NexBank you’re more than a deposit, you’re a priority. Learn more about their account features by visiting their website for more financial details today.

NexBank Account Services

– no fee ATM (nationwide)

– free direct deposit

– online bill pay

– free checks

– interest savings accounts

– IRA accounts

– free financial counseling

– and more…

If you’re interested in owning a home for the first time, the NexBank group is there to help. They have information under their mortgage tab for low income first time home ownership. Their partnership with Habitat For Humanity has allowed them to help many Dallas residents realize their dreams of owning a home. You can get lower interest rates and a monthly mortgage.

Did you know you can get private student loan offers through NexBank? Best of all, they offer their customers college savings opportunities. On average,they have lower rates over traditional student loans. Their goal is to help customers save on college expenses and tuition costs. Choose from over 1,200+ college savings offers with NexBank. You can also get your dream car financed through NexBank with extremely excellent installment loan offers. Thousands of people are driving their dream car and you also have the opportunity to refinance your car with lower interest and payment options through their financial group. Visit the NexBank website for more account details today. To know more about Nexbank visit


A Year of Remarkable Transition and History-Making at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment management firm. The firm is highly regarded for its highly diversified global investment portfolio. Fortress specializes in a vast array of investment sectors such as private equity, alternative assets, credit fund, and liquid hedge funds as well. The firm has reputable experience and specialized expertise in the named investment sectors. It manages assets of over 1500 institutional investors and private clients globally. This translates to assets worth more than $42.1 billion. Fortress Investment Group strives to drive long-term strong risk-adjusted returns for all its clients. The company currently employs more than a thousand professionals in their main offices in New York as well as other affiliate offices across the world.

Fortress Investment Group has distinguished itself among the investment firms due to making bold and unique moves in the market. The latest move by the company came in the year 2018. This move saw the acquisition of Fortress by The SoftBank Corporation. The firm made history as the first private equity to undergo the process of acquisition. This purchase saw the SoftBank Corporation spend $3.3 billion. This was a significant leap forward by Fortress in the company’s mission of continued development of cutting-edge developments in private equity funds and real estate. The firm will, however, continue to operate independently but the SoftBank Corporation will finance some of the significant projects in Fortress.

Some of the other remarkable moves by Fortress Investment Group are in the real estate and technology sectors. Fortress has begun to show great interest in the real estate sector integrating into SoftBank’s mission of developing a broad economic infrastructure. In this regard, Fortress has unveiled two real estate credit funds one meant for purchasing debts real estate assets and the other for providing direct private equity credit. In the field of technology, the two firms have together developed a high profile technology oriented project, TSX Broadway. Also, Fortress has offered $20 million credit to iPass to support the development of innovative mobile-based technology. To promote technology and innovativeness, Fortress also unveiled a $400 million patent troll fund to help people pursue legal justice for the violation rights regarding patents and intellectual property.

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The Mind Behind Eucatex – Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is from a wealthy family that had indulged into politics. His father is a prominent businessman in Brazil. Despite being born into a wealthy family, Flavio Maluf has succeeded in his endeavors courtesy of his hard work and quality entrepreneurial skills. He is also in possession of a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Nevertheless, his entrepreneurial spirit forced him to delve into business. As from 1997, he has also been in charge of the family business. He also serves as an executive at GrandFood.

According to Flavio Maluf, you must proceed with caution if you are interested in joining the business world. Despite making huge profits as a business person, you also have to be dedicated to your line of work to stimulate the necessary growth. You can also start a business with the little amount of money that you have. Flavio Maluf is also advising people to work smart. As a businessperson, you must also be ready to formulate new ideas depending on the specific industry that you have ventured into.

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When taking part in most interviews, Flavio Maluf is always asked about Eucatex. The idea of Eucatex as brought about by Salim, his great-grandfather. He was the owner of the largest sawmills in the Latin America region. Eucatex came about in 1940. In the 1960s, Flavio Maluf’s father together with his uncle turned the venture into a fiber lining industry. The company’s name drew inspiration from the name Eucalyptus, the main raw material used by the corporation.

Every week, Flavio Maluf attends numerous meeting. He also visits a group factory once a week to gauge the production levels. Since he has specialized in the timber-products industry, he often reads magazines that relate to his line of work. He also looks for ideas from the internet. After coming across a viable idea, he engages his team at Eucatex in determining the way forward.

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Careers With Neurocore

As one of the leading authorities on applied neuroscience and applied neurofeedback, Neurocore has garnered a rather prestigious reputation over the years but just what is it like to work for Neurocore? A few former employees recently posted their opinions of what it was like working at the company on Glassdoor.

The first reviewer chose to remain anonymous and worked there for over two years. He had nothing but nice things to say about the company, remarking that he met a lot of great people there and that the company is noteworthy for being rather productive. He couldn’t think of any cons about the company. The next reviewer also chose to remain anonymous but did disclose that he was working at the Sterling Heights location in Michigan.

In the review, he mentioned that the interview was particularly easy and straightforward, noting there was one interviewer from corporate and one from the location itself. The process took less than seven days and the questions were rather predictable and easy to anticipate. He received an offer less than 24 hours after he interviewed and worked for Neurocore for less than a year. So if you’re looking for a good workplace, consider Neurocore.

Edwin Miranda- The Difference Created By KOI IXS

The marketing sector is going through a revolution where almost every marketing strategy is spruced up with some modern technology. The role of technology in modern market cannot be ignored, and therefore any serious entrepreneur should be looking forward to working with a marketing agency that understands the important role of technology in growing brands. Businesses need to partner with organizations that have proved to have working plans for their clients. The tragedy of the modern marketing environment is that many companies that purport to offer great strategies have nothing to show as a proven track record or results. You will find very few marketing agencies that show consistency in their ability to deliver to clients.

In today’s marketing sector, there is a need for businesses to implement ideas that guarantee future success. The future of the marketing industry will see numerous changes taking place, and therefore businesses should partner with marketing agencies that are likely to be on top of things as the changes occur. Marketing in a highly competitive market needs one to have superior solutions than competitors.


KOI IXS is a company that is interested in making a difference in the marketing sector. For many years, this Miami-based company has invested in developing solutions that address the most basic needs of every business. Every marketing strategy is aimed at promoting brands and bringing in new customers, but the difference is in how effective a strategy can be. KOI IXS under the leadership of Edwin Miranda is interested in coming up with performance-driven strategies. The goal is to benefit the client even as the company grows. Edwin Miranda has made this company successful through his creative solutions to marketing needs. Edwin Miranda has also established team of experts in marketing to help him manage the company.

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Serge Belamant is a successful entrepreneur in the field of technology. He holds the patent for blockchain technologies that he founded in 1989. Serge Belamant has been instrumental in advancing modern technology. He is notably recognized for coming up with a blockchain debit card that was first of its kind.

Serge Belamant has continued to create more innovations that have contributed significantly to the automation process of transactions. Blockchain technology has brought efficiency and transparency in the financial systems used by banks and other financial institutions.

This is due to the effectiveness of the software that results from these technologies. Currently, Serge serves in Net1 UEPS Technologies as a consultant. He is also a member of the board at Prism Group Holdings and has contributed to the inception of Zilch Technologies.

Serge Belamant has amassed extensive experience in the technological field that has boosted his reputation as an entrepreneur. His technical knowledge can be attributed to his education which laid a strong foundation for his career.

Serge pursued a degree in Computer Science at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. He later acquired a Ph.D. in Information Technology and Mangement. Serge dedicates most of his time in research to keep abreast with the technological trends that are constantly changing.

Notably, Serge states that the idea to establish one of his tech companies, Zilch Technologies, originated from his son. His interest in how social media can provide financial benefits compelled him to take up the idea and actualize it. His mental inquisitive and creativity makes Serge an exceptional businessman.

According to the interview, Serge challenges upcoming entrepreneurs to be passionate about their business ideas. This is because passion will give them the drive to work towards achieving their business goals.

Serge Belamant understands that failures and mistakes should not hold back an entrepreneur from realizing his ideas. Therefore he advises young entrepreneurs to be resilient and believe in themselves. Serge is confident that Net1 UEPS Technologies will revolutionize the financial systems available to business. Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant: A Pioneer Of The Blockchain Technology Of Today

Blockchain is quickly changing the world, but many people don’t realize that the technology behind it was actually created decades ago. The person credited for the first implementation of blockchain is Serge Belamant as part of his Universal Electronic Payment System. Many people call him the Bill Gates of South Africa because of his important contributions to the world of technology. He is one of the founding patent holders of the technology behind blockchain and is a native of Tulle, France. When he was a teenager, his family decided to move to South Africa where he studied Computer Science at Witwatersrand University.

Serge Belamant has worked with many different companies and has had a considerable impact on how financial banking systems work today. The advancements that he spearheaded made such a change in how digital banking worked that VISA partnered with him in 1995 in order to create the chip that is used in most of our card transactions even to this day. Another big development from Serge Belamant was the Universal Electronic Payment System which was first used in 1999 to distribute welfare grants to the various people in need all around the country of South Africa. Because of this, people were able to receive payments quicker and more efficiently. The system was later used in countries such as Iraq and Russia and is still in use to this day.

One of the most recent business endeavors that Serge Belamant has participated in is the co-founding of Zilch Technologies which is based in the United Kingdom. The idea for Zilch came from the son of Serge Belamant, Phillip. His son is also involved in the computer industry as an IT engineer. He earned a degree in Computer Science and graduated with Honour’s from his university. Despite being partially retired, he still keeps busy with his business tasks. Today, he helps the businesses that he is involved with in a mostly advisory role. This includes pointing out problems that could potentially arise and how to avoid or overcome these. In addition, he is currently writing a book when he is not busy with his other responsibilities. Serge Belamant and the Birth of Blockchain Technology