Ashley Lightspeed Brings Her Digital Media Expertise to Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ashley Lightspeed has built a name for herself in the business world having worked with reputable companies worldwide. During her earlier years, she adored the architectural works of her father. Besides, she used to watch him closely as he lay down the works on the drafting table. However, as Lightspeed grew up, the interest in business replaced that of architecture. She borrows a leaf from her father in developing a new business model, products, and services.

Her latest move in the business industry involved joining Lightspeed Venture Partners. Ashley lightspeed joined a team of professionals in the venture capital company. It specializes in nurturing to start up investments to acquire consumer space. Besides, Venture Partners help the upcoming companies understand the technology and enterprises strategies in entrepreneurship. See More on Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg.

Ashley lightspeed brought with her vast experience from top companies she served in her working career. After graduating from Duke University, she joined Bain & Company and gained expertise in shaping business intelligence by applying economic modeling strategies.

Lightspeed later joined Thumbtack that specialized in weddings and events activities. The company sharpened her marketing prowess as she helped it achieve its unmatched online marketplace presence. However, she signed a consultancy contract to work with the company as she continued with education at Stanford.

Ashley worked with BetterUp and while still at school. Some colleagues connected her to the startups after they discovered her engagement with Thumbtack. She helped the startup companies achieve their growth strategies as she earned some income from them. After joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley decided to terminate the consultancy services with Thumbtack to concentrate on the new venture.

She joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in 2018 together with five other partners that worked with renowned companies worldwide. Lightspeed hopes to benefit from the new exposure as she helps the venture achieve its goals through her digital media expertise. Besides, many startups would benefit from her passion for helping new investments.