Ara Chackerian and Hatzalah

Ara Chackerian would have heard about the Hatzalah and the innovations that it can bring to the world. He would listened because he keeps his ear to the innovative streets.

You see, Ara Chackerian is an investor and a leader in healthcare.

In fact, it was only in 2018 that the nonprofit answered over 315,000 distress calls nationwide. It is reported that the organization’s efforts helped save lives in 30 percent of such cases, which is no mean feat.

The Story Behind United Hatzalah’s Formation

United Hatzalah was founded by Eli Beer, a former EMS volunteer of traditional ambulance services. During his work with the service as a teenager, Beer noticed several fatalities that took place before he could even reach the patient with traditional ambulances.

Beer worked with traditional EMS for two years, during which he was able to observe these cases on a day to day basis. He detected how traditional ambulances were not able to reach patients in time due to being stuck in traffic, providing help to other patients at the same time, or being far away from the distress call’s location. He also noticed that if such patients could have received medical aid in a timely manner, then they would have had better chances of survival.

Observing these incidents regularly, Beer kept thinking how the EMS model could be improved with a service that was able to break through the barriers of traffic, need and distance.

As a result, Beer formed the idea to help those who needed immediate medical attention while also resolving the issues that come with traditional EMS.

He first formed a volunteer-based network of EMS technicians in his Jerusalem neighborhood. Back then, he chose to name the organization Hatzalah Jerusalem, due to the fact that Hatzalah means “rescue” in Hebrew.