Allied Wallet; Renowned Payment Solution Provider

Allied Wallet was founded in 2002 by Dr. Andy Khawaja who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The company has offices in one hundred and ninety-six countries worldwide including China, the United States, Germany, and The United Kingdom. It is a payment service firm that provides a number of payment processing products that are used by customers to meet different needs. Allied serves over one million customers and has processed more than one billion dollars. The company has over one thousand employees, and it is well known for offering both consumers and businesses flexible, secure and affordable payment processing services.

The payment processing solutions that the company offers include prepaid cards used for affiliate payouts, an eWallet application, a global payment gateway, and a mobile point of sale solution. All the areas of Allied Wallet’s operations are protected by a strong commitment to securing data that complies with the guidelines of PCI DSS Level 1 and the utilization of SHA-256 encryption.

The company has had a number of recognitions for its commitment to provide quality customer service, maintain the company’s culture, and expand in revenues and size, and its innovation ability. These recognitions have made the company to be a leading payment solution provider. The company has been featured on several outlets such as Wired, The Guardian, and Fortune magazine. The company’s NextGen Payment Gateway is recognized for its high-quality fraud protection and it is predicted to protect fraud 100% in the near future (CPO).

If this happens, Allied Wallet will be the first ever company to provide this kind of e-commerce security. The company is at the forefront of the industry by ensuring that they create new payment solutions and partnerships so that they can connect businesses and consumers worldwide. Allied Wallet signed a partnership with China UnionPay so that it can grow in Europe by issuing co-branded cards to the European consumers. The company also wants to ensure that consumers have unlimited methods of transacting through its payment platform. Allied Wallet is also actively involved in giving back to the community. It has supported a number of different organizations such as After-School All-Stars, The ASACP, and The Wounded Warrior Project.

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