Academy Of Art Univeristy Prepares Students For Careers

Academy of Art University is the place where many people have come to explore. College is a time to grow. College is a time to evolve. College is where many people find their purpose and place in the world. Academy of Art University is a place that has spent the past ninety years dedicating their insulation to students who want to advance in their purpose, in the world and in their career. Academy of Art University still is the go to place for many creatives who want to flourish creatively and professionally. Their host of degree and certificate programs allow creatives to discover their purpose and to become educated about many various creative disciplines.

Emerging talent is something the university promotes heavily. They work to create a platform and opportunities for newcomers to evolve in their talent. Film students sit in on films. Fashion students participate in fashion shows. Artists get the chance to showcase their art. These are just a few examples of how the Academy of Art University helps propel the future of their emerging talent.

Exposure is key to the learning environment of the Academy of Art University. The university exposes students by offering them internships, by hiring staff who have professional experience, by creating partnerships with employers seeking talent and by truly connecting with students to learn their interest. The success of these students starts long before graduation. Their college career with the school helps them to gain what is necessary for them to become highly successful career professionals.

The history of this fine private institution starts back generations ago. They are truly a family business with the company being passed down from one owner to the next within the same family. The couple that began the school had previous experience in advertising working for a magazine. They launched this school as a place for people to get educated about advertising. When enrollment picked up the transferred to a larger location and expanded their curriculum. Today, the school boasts dozens of degree programs and have a very large campus. The school’s history is a part of their foundation, growth and future plans for success.