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LocationSmart, a LaaS provider, can make your business experience portable, connected, simple, and more transparent. It utilizes cloud-based technology that enables you to connect with over 15 billion connected mobile devices across the world with a single API. This lets you bring your different business departments in different locations together by letting you keep tracking on them using GSID services which are available for over 200 countries.

LocationSmart is a simple solution for your comprehensive business and provides you complete access over your expanded and scattered business while taking care of your security concerns, assets, workers, and customers across the world and letting you expand your business even more with peace of mind.


How Does It Work And Give Benefits In Different Area Of Your Business?


Protect Your Valuable Assets



Tracking and continually monitoring your assets across the world or especially when they are in the transportation process with GPS can be costly and unreliable.



In dealing with these hassles and reducing the chances of assets loss and delays LocationSmart Platform uses Global Site ID services, which locate any cellular network(GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE) or Wifi network domestically or internationally and provides real-time monitoring over Machine-to-Machine asset, Automatic Vehicle Location device, or any connected devices across the world.



With this cloud-based intelligence, a company can locate their employees with any cellular device via network location without hardware modifications, application downloads, user interaction, service calls, or software and saving a lot of money.


Protect Your Customers Interest

With having IP Geo-locate intelligence LocationSmart provides the company a better and secure customers assistance system in the following ways:

  • Provide assistance locally – With IP intelligence you are able to locate the customer’s actual location to assist them more efficiently and accurately through the local team appointed there.
  • Make business stores discoverable locally – After texting on a created dedicated local number and then giving permission to access their mobile location customers are able to locate your nearest store to reach you.
  • Deliver services on time – With LocationSmart’s technology, you can monitor the service status at each point. Especially in the hospitality industry when you need to take care of customer’s arrivals and departures with keeping the arrangements on time. And also it tracks the delivery parcels of customers to provide them the real-time status of their package.
  • Secure and protect from online fraud – IP geolocation protects the business and customers from online attacks by auto-detecting any suspicious activity from unknown locations and helps to create a secure environment.

Engage With The Workers To Get More Productive Results

With tracking possible through existing cell phones of workers LocationSmart platform makes it easy for the company to keep track of when and where each worker is, with no additional cost. It lets the company manage its working environment more productive by letting a company monitor its workers all the time and track their on-job timings and changing shifts.



LocationSmart provides the improved logistics experience with letting a company monitor its goods from dispatching to its deliveries. With tracking the driver in real-time a business has better knowledge about the delivery status.



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What Did Randal Nardone Gain When Softbank Acquired Fortress Investment Group?

Successful investors know when to “hold them and fold them.” The Fortress Investment Group was the first hedge fund to go public. But, eventually it was sold off to SoftBank. What did Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone gain when SoftBank acquired his own company?

Dramatic Rise to Top

Financial expertise is not gained in one day, it takes a long arduous journey. That might be what a Business Executive Randal Nardone has learned. He started as a partner of the Thacher Proffitt & Wood Law Firm. Randal Nardone was a managing director of UBS from May 1997 to May 1998. This might have allowed him to gain the expertise to determine the most profitable hedge fund strategies. He also learned how the best global financial brands operated.

On February 9, 2007, the Fortress Investment Group made history as the first hedge fund to go public. The firm managed an estimated $70 billion in 2016. Institutions had become flush with money and needed a viable way to earn the best return on investment (ROI). Fortress satisfied this need. One of the many functions provided by the Fortress Investment Group was under its subsidiary, New Residential Investment. New Residential Investment purchased mortgage servicing rights. Building its business on housing finance is a secret to the success of the top successful Billionaire Randal Nardone’s Fortress.

SoftBank Keeps Nardone in the Game

Timing is essential to earning the best profits. For centuries, the US property market slowly yawed upwards. Then, when it was denominated in the 1990s, it shot straight up. Fortress Investment Group rode that wave higher. But, when the housing market soured, Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone said that it was time to sell. All of the value built up over the years needed to be retained. A sale to SoftBank offered the perfect vehicle. SoftBank paid $3.3 billion in cash for Fortress on February 14, 2017.

“What did Randal Nardone gain from the sale?” Randal Nardone had a nice run for almost a decade. He had become a billionaire and new that the housing and financial markets were changing. He was able to earn a nice profit by selling to a powerful financial firm. Mr. Nardone was able to stay in the game. He had made a good exit from an untenable position. No one could take away the fact that the Fortress Investment Group was the first hedge fund to go public.

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is the Brains Behind JetSmarter

We have all heard of Uber, the rideshare program that allows drivers to make the most of their car and to provide paid rides to those that are close by. CEO of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov is working to make his company the Uber of the skies.

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States with his family at a very young age in an effort to find more opportunities. He moved to Florida where he found his love of aviation and his love of creating new technology and starting businesses. Along with other students from his college, he started several different companies and then began to learn about aviation and the need for innovation in the private jet industry.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov wants to make flying something completely different. He found, through research, that of the thousands of private jets that are in the sky and at airports each day, not nearly all of them are full. His company, JetSmarter is designed to make it possible for users to charter these nearby private jets so that the owner and those looking to fly benefit. The company works to help those looking for a private jet to charter one nearby on a moment’s notice.

Users pay a yearly subscription fee and are given access to flights, discounts, and jet shuttles that are nearby so that they can fly where they want when they want. Fliers can either fly private or they can charter flights with other fliers for a truly interactive and community-like feeling. The CEO is working to create even more innovation in the jet industry and he is working to improve the technology of the company each and every day.

Private jets are a huge industry and through hard work, innovation, and technology, Sergey Petrossov is making waves and making a name for himself that will not soon be forgotten with his company, JetSmarter and the services that they offer.

Kevin Plank Supports California’s Fair Pay To Play Act

Having been a college athlete himself, Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank recognizes that the Fair Pay to Play Act can bring life-changing benefits to college athletes today. Many college athletes struggle financially. Receiving compensation for the use of their likeness, images or names, and allowing them to make endorsement deals, could bring much needed income for these athletes. Additionally, being allowed to hire state-licensed agents would give the athletes better representation, assist in negotiating contracts, and find more opportunities for endorsements and public appearances. All of this could help improve the college athlete’s financial situation, allowing the athlete to better focus on academics and the sport.

Some oppose the act stating that scholarships are a more appropriate form of payment for college athletes, or that athletes may end up misusing their money. However, many like Kevin Plank support the act understanding that being a college athlete is much like having a full-time job. The stress and demands of attending college while participating in the school’s sports leaves athletes with grueling schedules and little time for family and fun. Since the athletes are the ones playing the games and bringing in huge revenues for the institutions, they deserve a share of the profits.

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The NCAA, registered as a nonprofit, has issue with the Fair Pay to Play Act. They state that keeping the distinction between amateur and professional helps level the playing field for schools and athletes. They are looking for other fair solutions, but haven’t proposed any as of yet.

Kevin Plank hopes the Fair Pay to Play Act will gain traction in other states. Adequate compensation, much like professional athletes receive for the use of their likenesses, can be the boost these students need to live a more fulfilling life during and after college. Advocates like Kevin Plank believe these athletes deserve that support.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Explains What Happens During A Brazilian Butt Lift

Dallas-based Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has performed many Brazilian butt lifts over the years. He recently went through the steps for this type of surgical procedure. He started out by saying that people need to only consider board-certified renowned cosmetic surgeons. There are plenty of unqualified cosmetic surgeons who offer this type of surgery at low rates. People are putting their lives on the line picking one of these surgeons. This type of surgery takes fat from one part of the body and uses it to create a fuller, rounder buttocks. The surgeon will mark where they’re taking fat from and where they will be injecting it. Each incision is only two to three millimeters long.

Next, the patient will be given anesthesia. They can choose to either do local anesthesia where they will be working or general anesthesia to knock the patient out. After the surgeon has prepared the area he will be working on using an antibacterial soap, he starts making incisions in the butt and fat harvesting sites. The surgeon will liposuction the fat away. They usually select fat from the abdomen and flanks. The fat is stored in a specialized container before being injected into the buttocks. Sameer Jejurikar says that patients who don’t have enough fat to harvest should instead get a butt implant.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been doing reconstructive and successful cosmetic procedures for over 21 years. In addition to doing surgery, he also researches ways to minimize their risks. He is a member of the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He sees patients at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute at 9101 N Central Expy Suite 600. He operates on them at either Pine Creek Medical Center or Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman. His unique passion for plastic surgery is matched by his desire to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Darien Dash Does Good Work By Putting His Clients First

Darien Dash is a financial and business advisor who is sought-after by people in all kinds of industries, from CEOs running small or large businesses to athletes. He also gives good advice to those who are in the entertainment industry and part of the reason he knows so much about it is because of the family he grew up with. His family has long been involved in entertainment, including his stepfather, who is a record producer, and he became passionate about working as an entrepreneur at a young age.

Darien Dash spends a good amount of time working each day at The Movement Management firm, and he works with a team that he trusts. He gets to the office early and gives his attention to his clients and their needs. He tries to keep a schedule each day so they will get things done well, and sometimes he has to stay at the office until nine or ten at night because of all of the things he needs to do for his clients. He does many different things for his clients and says that if a client has an urgent need, then he and his team are quick to take care of it.

Darien Dash says that one of the keys to his success as an entrepreneur is repetition and that doing the same thing over and over helps him to know how to take care of everything for his clients, and that he has found processes that work well. Dash believes it is important to be grounded and to set goals and work hard to reach them. He knows that it is his job to serve his clients and he is always trying to make them a priority. He lives and works in the New York City area.

How to Work in Corporate Development, According to Maarten de Jeu

Young people entering business for the first time might be attracted to a career in corporate development. What it entails and how to get there is something an expert like Maarten de Jeu can make a bit clearer. 


Working in corporate development, de Jeu spends a lot of his time in meetings about acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures. There are the tasks involved, but how much time is devoted to them depends on the size of the companies involved, the state of the industry, and the market.


Corporate development relies heavily on strategy drafted for expansion or restructuring. Maarten de Jeu identifies what partners are worth working with when joint ventures make the most sense and everything else that fits into de Jeu’s need for organizational synergy. 


I’m working with large companies, de Jeu will consider smaller businesses with promise. It’s more than just acquiring a brand. An acquisition means the purchasing company is looking to buy customers, revenue, supply lines, and employee experience. When working on these projects, de Jeu identifies worthy targets, assesses their potential, possible risk, then works out how to best negotiate a potential integration.


Then there are times a company needs to divest. Getting rid of assets, like intellectual property, real estate, reason the business, will take place through sales, exchange, or even foreclosure. In such cases, de Jeu reviews a company’s portfolio and determines how to offload these assets in an efficient manner to minimize loss.


Working here means high volume and demand. For those who find that appealing, de Jeu has some tips on how to get there.


Consider being a business analyst as an entry-level position, de Jeu suggests. This is where analytical skills are built, and that’s necessary as corporate development requires a great deal of technical know-how expertise. But survivability there means knowing how to innovate. Being both flexible and creative is something de Jeu relies on regularly in order to solve challenging problems.


The business formalities remain in place, de Jeu notes that this is work built around relationships. Corporate development teams have to be both personable and persuasive. In negotiations, they have to present their confidence. In meetings, they will have to be inspirational. When the time comes to meet with buyers, partners, targets, and other people with the power to make decisions, de Jeu and his team rely on these social skills to facilitate better business outcomes. Learn more:


But all those skills want mean much if someone on a corporate development team doesn’t know what’s going on. Knowing about current events in the industry is how de Jeu build up his knowledge, identify trends as they emerge, monitor competitor, and apply bad information to inform decisions, strategies, and projections. 


It’s exciting work, which is why de Jeu excels at it. It also challenges him. He encourages anyone who’s interested to begin learning how to negotiate, lead, and adapt to changes in order to succeed.


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu graduated from the University of Oxford. An expert in financial services and international business, you found a place at Aviva plc, first the as the Director of Strategy and Corporate development, then transitioning to International Strategy Manager. Years later he became a consultant with TVDK Management Consultants and was an advisor to corporations like Heinz, Sara Lee, and ING.


Maarten de Jeu also has a place on business associations such as the Economic Club of Chicago and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He is also part of educational organizations like the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the University of Chicago, the Harris School of Public Policy Dean’s International Council.

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LocationSmart Makes the World a Smaller Place

The world is a huge place, so LocationSmart is ready to step in and make it appear to be smaller. Each company has the potential to be spread out across several miles because the employees may be using several different types of devices to make their internet connections. The companies’ customers are also in several areas at once. Since the company’s data and assets are not located in one area, it is hard to obtain access at any given time.


LocationSmart has a solution for the abovementioned problem. LocationSmart is known as a mobile “Location-as-a-Service” or LaaS provider. This means that it can facilitate location services for the 15 million devices that are connected all over the world. Only one API is required for application developers to bring many different location technologies through the cloud. This makes the entire thing a flexible enterprise, and the technologically advanced world is thanking them for it.


In 2015, each person on the planet used approximately 3.5 connected devices per day. By 2020, we can expect that number to be as high as more than 6.5. On average, an employee needs to use about 2.3 devices to complete his or her work during the day. Because people aren’t staying in one place, companies must gather intelligence from one area so that they can communicate with customers, their assets and their workers, and this doesn’t take into account the device’s location or type of device. A company must have data in real time, and their services must be easy to access at every location. On top of that, they must ensure that they maintain their customers’ privacy and have anti-fraud protection.


The Solution


LocationSmart has a LaaS platform that gives enterprise application developers the ability to do all of the above and more. For example, LocationSmart’s IP geolocation keeps companies safe from outside attacks by using the automatic detection of activity that is coming from locations that are unauthorized or unknown. They can also prevent online fraud with IP address identification. The company’s customers or workers can log into their accounts, and profiling information and device location information can be used to ensure that the customer or worker is the owner of the account.


LocationSmart makes it possible for people to have an improved customer experience. For example, the platform allows subscribers who opt in to the program to easily find the company’s nearest location. This means that they have the ability to use SMS technology to find a brick-and-mortar location. The first thing that customers will need to do is give permission to the company to access the customers’ devices. Then, the customer receives the address to the nearest location. LocationSmart can also help you find any device that is located anywhere in the world.


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Tim Ioannides Has A Patient Seeing Effective Treatment Of Skin Cancer From Vaccines

Much research has been conducted recently that concludes vaccines may be a solution and treatment for some skin cancers. They already have to potential to prevent some cancers, but now they are being proven to help treat existing cancers for certain patients. One patient was an elderly woman in Florida, some of her skin tumors completely disappeared because of the vaccine she received from Dr. Tim Ioannides.

The Case

The woman suffering from cancer just turned 100 years old. Her right leg was covered in tumors caused by squamous cell skin cancer. The tumors were in advanced stages and she was seeking treatment at the University of Miami. One of the dermatologists who worked for the university suggested the elderly woman was not able to get surgery for her tumors because there were too many and they were too big. Oftentimes, surgery is the first treatment option for these types of cancers.

The Results

When the decision to treat her with vaccines became apparent, she received two doses in her arm of the HPV vaccine. These doses were spaced out by six weeks. The vaccine was not given to all of her tumors, but the vaccine routine was repeated four additional times over a year. By the end of her treatment, all of her tumors completely vanished.

Dr. Tim Ioannides’ Take On Squamous Cell Skin Cancer

Dr. Tim Ioannides is a dermatologist who owns Treasure Coast Dermatology. He prefers to concentrate on the medical side of dermatology more than the cosmetic side. Because of this, he’s very familiar with skin cancer. He says light skin people are more likely to get squamous cell skin cancer than those with darker skin.

Dr. Ioannides has served in the Port St. Lucie area of Florida for more than 15 years. He graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Miami. He takes pride in caring for patients and has a passion for the science behind dermatology.

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American Addiction Centers Releases a Report on Drug and Substance Abuse in Colleges

Shocking statistics released by the American Addiction Centers on the prevalence of drug and substance abuse in schools, shows that the highest levels of people abusing drugs and alcohol are college students.

The revelation comes at a time when the students are preparing to go back to school after the summer holidays. The report is meant to caution parents who have children in colleges to be on the lookout.

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Drug use in the university college is an epidemic that has no end in sight says American Addiction Centers. It is a vice that if not checked and control will ruin the lives of many students, and they will have a negative experience of college life.

The sobering statistics from the American Addiction Centers shows that the majority of college students are abusing alcohol. The study revealed that in the past month, the number of students who had engaged in drinking was 62 percent.

It shows that alcohol is the biggest threat to a child’s education at the college level. Also, another drug that is continuously abused by college-going students is the amphetamine types of drugs.

Adderall, which is one of the kinds of amphetamine drugs, is the most misused drug by college students. The drug is a mild stimulant drug that is supposed to treat conditions such as ADHD.

Students who use the drug at first are told that it will help them become more alert and have more time to read. What they are not told is that the drugs are highly addictive and that overdependence of the drug will lead to addiction.

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One student that tricked to take the drug while revising for her exam is Missy Pollack. Pollack, an alumnus of the Recovery First Treatment Center, was first introduced to Adderall drug during the final weeks of the very first semester in college while studying for her exams.

The drug gave her a fantastic feeling, and from then on, she knew that it was something that she would keep on trying again and again. Pollack slowly started becoming overly dependent on the drug.

Her health and outside behavior deteriorated, and no one seemed to notice or care. She got hooked to the drug for several years, and during this time all she wished for was to find help which was not coming. Pollack today is nearly five years from her battle with addiction.

She has become an ambassador of fighting drug and substance abuse, and she says that parents should watch out for signs and symptoms of drug and substance abuse among their children.

Some of the things to look at according to Pollack include a rapid change in appearance, unexplained paranoia, hot and cold behavior, and dishonesty, among others.

American Addiction Centers is a leading provider of treatment and care of substance and drug abuse. The Center for decades has been at the forefront in fighting all types of addiction from drug to alcohol and mental health issues.

The Center has an impressive track record of helping people recover from addiction that surpasses the national average. The centers because of its achievements in dealing with addiction have been recognized by leading media outlets such as Forbes, USA Today, and Daily Mail, among others.

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