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Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews #3

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a phenomenal plastic surgeon. This woman attained her medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she completed her fellowship training at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Thanks to possessing high levels of knowledge in cosmetic surgery, she has been invited on a number of television shows, such as “Dr. 90210,” “20/20” and “Plastic Surgery Obsession.” On top of that, Dr. Walden has been featured in various publications, such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Italian Vogue, Texas MD Magazine, MD Monthly Magazine, Bridal Guide, Self, Shape, Allure and The New York Times. So, what is there to know about Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews?


Reviewer S said that “I’m totally pleased with the work that I’ve received from Dr. Walden. Yes, this board-certified plastic surgeon fully lives up to the hype. Even though my procedure was minimal, I’m definitely coming back in the future.” Reviewer M said that “Dr. Jennifer Walden is my go-to plastic surgeon of choice from now until eternity. I was planning on getting size D implants, but Dr. Walden quoted me for a smaller size. I was skeptical at first, but her technologies actually showed what my body would look like after the surgery. She was absolutely right about the size difference because smaller breasts fit my frame more aesthetically.”

Reviewer L stated that “Dr. Walden’s medical practice is one of the most calming environments that I’ve ever visited. The medical staff is very friendly, and Dr. Walden was more than a pleasure to meet.”

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are gathered from a number of authentic websites that can be found online. This woman will continue to push the boundaries of medical excellence in the years to come, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

How Jack Plotkin and Telehealth Affect the Medical Industry

Jack PlotkinMany people haven’t yet heard about the concept of telehealth but it has been looming over the horizon for many years and Jack Plotkin think it’s poised to change the medical industry forever. It generally entails consulting with your physician without actually having to visit them at the doctor’s office. When they first started using this practice, it didn’t work very well as they had their patients relaying the symptoms over the phone. The doctors would then attempt to determine what type of disease they may have based solely on the data they were provided in that phone call. Of course, there has been a lot of technological innovation in recent years which has led to the rise of smartwatches and other wearable health gadgets.

Jack PlotkinWith these types of devices, you are now able to send your biometrics directly to your physician and have them provide a diagnosis to you within a few hours. Of course, it’s not always that simple as many doctors these days don’t typically have access to the medical records of the patients they’re treating. Nurses also find themselves in a rather precarious situation when attempting to access the electronic medical records they need. However, they are currently working on a solution to this problem and it’s known as virtual health. This platform attempts to integrate the EMR data into the rest of the database so doctors can access those files much more easily.

However, Jack Plotkin points out that even if this new system works, there is still the issue of cost. Medicare won’t subsidize this cost and Medicaid refuses to cover it. None of the other major insurance companies will pay for it either so it’s only used by the wealthy. Nevertheless, it may still become a common practice one of these days.

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Marc Beer A Serial Start-Up Entrepreneur Who Has Blazed His Own Path to Success

Thousands of people graduate from good colleges with a business degree every year. But only a
select few parlay their newly minted diplomas into a career of spectacular accomplishment. One of
those few is Marc Beer. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree at Miami University in 1987.
Today, he is renowned as among the most successful and innovative medical high-tech start-up
entrepreneurs in the nation.
Marc Beer’s first job out of college was with the Genzyme, the biotechnology company that is today
the third-largest in the world. Back in the 1980s when Genzyme was still growing, Marc Beer
played an important role in driving the company to ever-higher levels of expansion and success. He
eventually was named Vice President for Global Marketing at Genzyme.
More importantly for Marc Beer personally, his work with the pharmaceutical giant was an
opportunity to network and make key contacts. Working for a company that made lifesaving drugs
and helped people suffering from rare diseases also gave Beer a greater sense of purpose. He liked
the idea of combining business success with helping people suffering from difficult problems.
In the year 2000, Marc Beer launched his first company. That was ViaCell. This firm was focused on
developing live human cells as medicine. ViaCell developed treatments for cancer, diabetes, and
infertility. It also created a range of innovative technologies, such as Selective Amplification.
Under Marc Beer’s leadership, ViaCell was a huge success. Within five years it employed 300
people. In 200, it went public being listed on the NASDAQ as VIAC. Then in 2007, Marc Beer opted
to cell ViaCell to PerkinElmer. The price tag: $300 million. The ViaCell windfall meant that Marc
Beer now had options. Certainly, he had all the money he needed and could have called it early
retirement. But sometimes life has other plans for and not all of them are good.

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Shortly after the sale of ViaCell Marc Beer’s wife died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism at just
age 43. Beer was left with three young children to raise on his own. Losing his wife so tragically
also threw him for a loop and made him question his role and meaning in life.
It was one of his children who got him back on track. His 14-year-old daughter urged him to get
back into the medical device development realm. Marc Beer’s skills at creating new companies and
bringing new medical products to fruition was a unique gift he should start giving again.
So, in 2016, he founded Renovia. This company is manufacturing a cutting-edge device that will
help treat pelvic disorders in women. Marc Beer is off and running again with his next success

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OSI Group Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin is Focusing on Sustainability

In a world full of environmental challenges, the calls for reformed production practices in the meat and food industry have increased by twofold. But one company has been doubling down on sustainability way before this current period of social awareness.

The company in question is OSI Group, which under the leadership of its chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin has been focusing on sustainable practices in its meat and food processing.

As one of the world’s leading meat and food processing companies, OSI Group holds its operations in approximately 17 countries. Across those locations, the company boasts of approximately 65 facilities, and carries its operations with the help of over 20,000 employees. More information about Sheldon Lavin at Bloomberg.

Needless to say, this makes OSI Group a major part of the global meat and food processing sector. Thankfully, the company’s CEO Sheldon Lavin is well aware of that fact – and he has been taking care of his company’s footprint on the global environment with a sense of responsibility.

For this, Sheldon Lavin has ensured that OSI Group follows sustainable practices throughout its operations. To make this goal a reality, Lavin has taken part in a few initiatives in the past, one of which was to appoint a chief sustainability officer for the company, who makes sure that the firm follows its practices with the utmost responsibility towards the environment.

Apart from hiring a C-Level exec to look over the company’s sustainability operations, Sheldon Lavin has also ensured that the firm is actually able to take the steps required for it to be more environmentally friendly. Using energy in a responsible manner, employing technological innovations in everyday operations, and reducing its contribution to pollution are some of the more considerable efforts that the company has taken in recent times.

It is due to that fact that OSI Group has received multiple accolades for its efforts, including those from environmental initiatives to large scale food chains. The company plans to move forward with its focus on elevating its sustainable operations even further.

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Lincolnshire Management Bolsters Its Team With Four Key Position Hires

New York-based Lincolnshire Management has added some muscle to its team of financial all-stars with four new hires. A spokesman for the long-established private equity firm said it is bringing on Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona as Senior Associates.

Mr. Nacier is the former U.S. Director for Iconic Holdings. He was instrumental in developing the first crypto index fund regulated in the EU. Mr. Llona holds an MBA in finance from Columbia University. He is the former Director of Business Development and Corporate Finance for Grupo Alese.

The other new team members are Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen. They will join Lincolnshire as analysts.

Lincolnshire Management is one of New York’s most venerable and respected private equity firms. It focuses on acquiring and/or investing in middle market companies across an array of industries. The company was recognized by Private Equity News as a “Top 10 Performer” in 2010. It’s establishment more than 30 years ago makes Lincolnshire among the most accomplished firms of its kind in the United States.

Tj Maloney is Lincolnshire CEO and Chairman. He said adding the talents and experience of Nacier, Llona, Ginodia and Stolt-Nielsen will bolster the hands-on investment approach upon which his firm has built its reputation. They will be an important adjutant for finding new investment opportunities and driving company growth.

Tj Maloney has been a steady hand for Lincolnshire Management since he was hired in 1993. He is a graduate of Boston College and earned his Juris Doctor at Fordham Law School. As an attorney, Tj Maloney practiced merger, acquisition and security law in New York for a number of years. Joining Lincolnshire in 1993 was a natural progression for his career. His deep skill set was a perfect match for the central goal and vision of Lincolnshire.

The company manages more than $1.7 billion in private equity capital. Tj Maloney said his firm likes to focus on companies that can be rejuvenated from stagnation or dissolution by new investment and the injection of upgraded management and technical expertise.

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How LocationSmart Can Help Your Online Business

If you run a business online, you should be making use of IP geolocation. LocationSmart is one program that you can use if you’d like to implement IP geolocation. Some of the ways that this program can be beneficial for your business are listed here; once you make use of the program, though, you’ll probably wonder why you never made use of IP geolocation in the past.



Make Sure You Follow Legal Requirements

In some businesses, you don’t really have to worry about legal requirements. If you are involved in certain industries, though, this is a concern. For example, if you run an online casino, you may want to make sure that your site is only available for those who can legally access your site. Since laws vary from country to country, using LocationSmart is a good way to restrict access.



Provide a More User-Friendly Experience

LocationSmart can help you provide a more user-friendly experience for your customers. When you use LocationSmart, your customers don’t have to enter their home country or look for their country’s version of your site. You can tailored your content for them, such as by showing pricing in their local currency. You can also use LocationSmart to show metric or standard measurements, depending on where each customer lives and what is considered the standard in their country. If you want to run a global business that is as user-friendly as possible for your customers, then LocationSmart can help you achieve that goal.



Keep our Website Secure

Website security is incredibly important. If you run your whole business online, then you have a lot to lose if your website is vulnerable to security issues. By keeping track of IP information, you can help make sure that your site is kept secure.


If you run an online business, you should consider making use of a program like LocationSmart. There are various solutions that are perfect for online businesses just like yours, no matter what industry you might be involved in. With the help of LocationSmart, you can make use of IP geolocation like never before and can enjoy the benefits above and many more.


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Dallas’ Surgeon Dr. Jejurikar Creates the Greatest Buttocks

People travel around the world in hopes for the perfect butt. Buttock augmentation surgeries are a suitable option with a great turnaround time. Dr. Jejurikar of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute specializes in two augmentation procedures including fat transfer and silicone implants.

Buttock fat augmentation, known as Brazilian Butt Lift, involves transferring excess fat from areas like the back, thighs, and abs using liposuction before it is purified with antibiotics and injected into the glute muscles. This procedure is used for buttock enlargement, however the majority of patients use BBLs to contour the behind for a more round, proportional shape while reducing the size of the waist. Patients should avoid putting weight on the buttocks for at least ten days and avoid intense exercise for up to six weeks.

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An option for patients with less body fat use the implant method. The surgeon puts the patient under anesthesia and adds the solid silicon, giving the buttocks a firm feel. Unlike breast implants, solid silicone does not leak. The buttocks drains placed during surgery are removed after 7 days and patients should stay off of their butt for up to two months. To perfect your shape, additional liposuction is highly recommended.

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Amazing Accomplishments Of Iskandar Safa, CEO of Privinvest


Iskandar Safa is an industrialist, global business leader, and a renown philanthropist. He is the co-founder and CEO of Privinvest, the leading shipbuilder in the middle east and Europe. The company serves naval defense and civilian customer worldwide offering high-tech solutions.

Privinvest was founded by Iskandar Safa together with his younger brother, Akram Safa about two decades ago. The company specializes in innovative ship design, production, engineering, and other related technologies. The company is headquartered in Beirut and employs at least 2,500 core employees.

Privinvest operates state-of-the-art shipbuilding facilities in countries like France, Germany, and the Middle East. It is recognized as one of the best naval vessels, mega yacht, and commercial shops builders. Currently, it delivers at least 2,000 vessels and is servicing more than 40 navies. The company deals with other governments and private customers.

NATO countries and their allies are some of the frequent customers. Iskandar Safa has led Privinvest to advance territorial water security, protection systems for coastline and integrated surveillance, all developed under his guidance and direction. The high-speed WP18 tactical strike craft set a benchmark for the market. The CEO has focused on the R&d program on marine renewable energies to support a more sustainable planet.

The focus is mainly on delivering results and solutions for customers, stakeholders, and investors. It is better to let actions speak as it has a better impact than words. Iskandar Safa is associated with trusted names in the competitive and challenging global shipbuilding market. Click Here for more information.

The Privinvest CEO was born in 1955, Beirut to a Maronite Christian family at the height of civil tensions in Lebanon. Safa is highly educated, having graduated from the American University of Beirut, 1978 with a Civil Engineering degree. His father is the figure behind his inspiration in public service. Safa’s father served as the director of the cabinet of the post-independence Lebanon. Iskandar Safa’s personal drive for success came to define his career, which led to the launch of several job-creating enterprises. Safa has a passion or making a difference in the world. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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IP Geolocation Made Easy with LocationSmart

Not everyone is taking advantage of IP geolocation, so they are missing the opportunity to improve the way that they communicate with their customers. LocationSmart is the company that makes this easy with a platform that increases the benefits that a company can get from IP geolocation.


As a business owner, you need to know your customers’ IP addresses so that you can identify who they are. This must be possible for you to do because you may need to comply with legal regulations.


Some companies are under strict regulations, and these regulations are related to your location and your customers’ locations. Gaming websites must strictly comply with the regulations of state and federal government entities because some areas in the country are not allowed to participate on gaming websites. You will not be able to allow these visitors to be on your website to place bets unless you know and confirm their locations. If someone falls through the cracks and is allowed to accept a payout, for example, you would face severe legal consequences.


LocationSmart can help you be fully compliant with the laws by making it possible for you to collect your visitors’ IP geolocation data. You will know exactly where the visitor is located and whether or not it is permissible for him to use your website. You can also make improvements to the user experience. Each visitor will not have to waste time proving that he or she is allowed to be on your website because you will see the visitor’s location.


IP geolocation benefits you in other ways as well. People are constantly looking for new ways to involve themselves in fraud. Fraud is something that hurts you as well as your customers. When someone accesses your services via a network, you will see that person’s IP address. You will also know if the user’s account is being accessed by the device that the owner of the account usually uses. You will know if a user is going out of his way to cover up his true identity and location.


IP geolocation users will receive this important data in real time, so you will be able to do what must be done to identify the user. In this case, you can have more than one identifying hoop for your customers to jump through if ever there is a question about identity. Until the user takes the necessary steps to identify himself, you can opt to deny access to the account.


With LocationSmart, you have the ability to identify more than 3 billion IP addresses from all over the world. More than 30 million devices are using LocationSmart in Canada, and they don’t need to download an app or software for the privilege.


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What is Unroll Me?

The best of intentions designed your e-mail interface. You have an in-box, an archive, and a deleted list. If you have Outlook, you even have a “focused” tab. The whole point of this level of organization is to put the important stuff at the top with priority.

Theory and practice are two different things in the real world. That’s okay. We all do it. We visit websites that have really great material so when a pop-up asks us for our e-mail we jump at the opportunity to tune in, and gain access. You may even subscribe to blogs so you get an e-mail every time that author publishes something fascinating. With election talks winding up, Political season is bringing in a whole new category of alerts and newsletters

Then it happens. 

You get these great e-mails and never open them. Or, you try to wade through your collection of newsletters and subscriptions to find the important e-mails you want to read.

What do you do? 

Simple… Use a service called Unroll Me. It’s an e-mail manager that’s easy to use, and compatible with Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud. Unroll Me helps you organize your e-mail subscriptions, pop-ups, newsletters, and alerts with ease. You log into your e-mail through Unroll Me’s platform. It’ll will display your subscriptions, and offer you 3 categories to use: Add to Roll-Up; Unsubscribe; and Keep in Inbox. 

You select the subscriptions you want to Unsubscribe from and Unroll Me takes care of it for you. The ‘Add to Roll-up’ is a digest of sorts. Unroll Me will collect the subscriptions you add to this tab and send them to you in the morning, afternoon, or evening for you to view like a digest. The subscriptions you want to keep in your inbox stay there for you.