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Sergey Petrossov, Ruling The Skies With Elite Travel

Sergey Petrossov

The billion-dollar business concept developed by Sergey Petrossov allows ‘elite’ travelers to save money on frequent flights. JetSmarter is the first of its kind, a mobile app for aviation travel, it’s designed to allow those who prefer private jet to fly without the exorbitant fees. By sharing the transportation costs, no one traveler carries the financial impact of paying for the entire flight alone. The costs are split among passengers for available seats aboard aircraft companies that are participating partners with JetSmarter.

At 28, Sergey Petrossov became the Chief Executive Officer and mastermind of JetSmarter. He was just shy of 30 when he had the visionary idea to convert the unused time of private jets into usable flight sharing. Sergey started along the traditional career path studying Business Administration and Finance at the University of Florida. Bit by bit, his entrepreneurial aspirations exceeded any interest in college, and at 18 he already wanted to start his own company. Although he didn’t drop out, the school became secondary when he was credited as a co-founder of a customer service/technology company. Sergey would continue his education, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in 2009.

During that same year, along came the original idea for the JetSmarter service. Sergey Petrossov attracted multiple high profiled investors. In the first rounds of startup funding, Sergey gained financial backing from the Saudi Royal family and Jay-Z, the popular rapper, and husband of singing superstar Beyoncé. When the last figures were tallied, Sergey managed to raise more than $1 billion. In November 2012, JetSmarter was launched as a private company worth $1.5 billion. And since inception, JetSmarter has expanded operations from its headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale to include global offices in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the UK, and Switzerland.

JetSmarter is a travel booking app for world-class travel. And according to Sergey, the app allows frequent travelers to pay a reduced rate; for an average savings of 75% off as compared to the regular costs of other private jets. JetSmarter has introduced an aspect of flight-sharing not thought of before.

How Bhanu Choudhrie Is Transforming The World Of Private Equity

The word of private equity has been given so many descriptions. Hard, challenging and at times a gamble. But those that dare to trek down this path do so for so many reasons. Yes, they know the risks. And perhaps that is what calls them to the profession. Yet, they choose a career in private equity because it affords them so many experiences, highs and lows that no other profession exactly affords them.

Bhanu Choudhrie knows exactly about the world of private equity. He may have never truly set out to transform the entire industry but he set out to chase his dreams. He did just that. In the process of chasing his dreams and building an incredible private equity firm the businessman, transformed an entire sector with his business acumen, investment protocols and influential power.

Bhanu Choudhrie moved to Boston, Massachusetts as a young adult. He came to Boston from India to attend the University of Boston. While in college, he studied both marketing and international business. He studies booked him a job after college. This job was at JP Morgan. Working for such a prestigious and legendary investment firm prepared him for a bright future in the world of private equity. He boldly one day stepped away and incorporated his own private investment firm.

C&C Alpha Group is the company Bhanu Choudhrie started after leaving JP Morgan. He has given his all to this firm. He acts as the executive director of the leading firm. He works closely with his brother at this company. He works closely with his mother at her organization. They work as a family unit amongst many projects together. So many people have helped transformed C&C Alpha Group into a respected company that has accomplished so much. Sectors like agriculture, real estate, hospitality and technology are the leading sectors this company invests in.

Bhanu Choudhrie works with his mon on Path To Success. His philanthropic mindset and heart can be seen with how he works to enable women with disabilities with the various things that they need. He and his mom are very proud of this organization. They have helped so many people and plan to continue to bless many more.

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Mark Holyoake Invested in His Skills and Experience

Mark Holyoake originated from New Zealand where he was born in Wellington in 1983. He is a husband and a father of three daughters. Mark ventured in the business right after he acquired a degree in business in 1995 from the University of Readings. Mark has grown in business and is the founder of Oakvest Holdings. Oakvest Holdings is a private investment fund company that majors in real estate and private equity investments.

Mark Holyoake recently announced that he would resign from Iceland Seafood International (ISI) board membership. ISI is a seafood company that significantly contributed towards its growth and development during a consolidation time in the industry. The company serves at the vehicle of Mark Holyoake’s investments. It played a tremendous role in ensuring that the company is in a firm stand that ever before in this transition.

Mark Holyoake acknowledged his potential and ability to choose the best candidates around him. This has led to immense success in entrepreneurship journey. Mark never does micromanagement but instead leaves the responsibilities in the hands of his skilled employees. Mark has also treated any failure as a lesson. He has learned to approach everything with the right perspective to best sail through the tough entrepreneurial journey.

Mark Holyoake intends to devote more of his time to his health and physical fitness. According to Mark Holyoake, health comes first when he considers the various insights and opportunities for the future food industry. Mark highlights different innovative food technologies that manufacture healthier products in a revolutionary manner. Mark noted that he is exploring and doing follow up of such technologies. The new shifts and discovering in the public and science perception towards food will determine the goal setting and strategy for his future endeavors.

Mark Holyoake, in partnership with Andy Rogers, established The RX Clinic. Andy Rogers is a professional weightlifter. The two met during Olympic and decided to combine their skills and invest in a clinic that combines gymnastics and weightlifting by utilizing simple methods to train complex movements. The clinic has attracted attention from many clients over the years. Mark finally establish Mark Holyoake Gymnastics across various gyms which gained popularity.

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Betterworks Helps Employees Receive Feedback Well

Employees are invariably never going to look forward to receiving reviews of their work. The reason for this is because most feedback is normally critical and comes laden with plans to change and correct courses-of-action. A diligent employee likely feels they are doing a good job and taking pride in their work. The last thing they want to hear is that they are the only one who thinks their work has been good.

To avoid having a problem with an employee, one of the best things a manager can do, when reviewing an employee’s work, is to make the review as positive as possible. An organization always wants happy employees, so reviews should be something an employee looks forward to. Any changes needed can be delivered during that same review, but at least they feel they are a valued part of the organization and at least some of what they are doing is good.

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Receiving feedback is not really a favorite of most anyone and this is largely because it forces us to deal with conflicting concerns relative to our human nature. First, it forces us to learn and grow, but at the same time that “learning and growing” is in conflict with our innate drive to be accepted and respected as we are. Feedback will remind us that the latter is not the case and this does not sit well with most.

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There has even been a book written about how to receive feedback so as to be able to deal with what is being said in a more positive way. It is difficult to be told that you have to do better, but ultimately the message is likely always that the employee is doing well, yet a few changes need to be implemented.

Performance feedback should be given quite regularly also. If given once a year, it is very hard to sum up all their positive achievements and efficaciously collate them with a few areas where improvement is needed. If done once per year, that review would have to be quite lengthy. Instead, reviews should be completed on a continuous basis throughout the year with an annual summary of all the growth they achieved throughout the year.

The annual cumulative review-of-reviews is actually inspiring if done the right way. Employees like to see how far they have come over the year. This final piece of making employees more amenable to feedback is crucial to success. No one wants an annual rundown of how many things they did not do well, so incremental delivery of praise and needed improvements is much easier on all concerned parties.

Fight off those aging signs with Genucel this summer

There is no doubt in the fact that increasing pollution and decreasing air quality has been causing trouble for people all across the world. Skin problems have been troublesome, lately. During summer, the sun burns and dehydration make the matter all the worse. For aging skin, the issue is more aggravated than the rest and we all know how expensive those skin treatments can be. However, the good news is that there are a bunch of things that people with aging skin can do and help rejuvenate their skin without resorting to expensive treatments.

  1. Hydrate and Moisturize: drinking water is essential but we cannot comprehend how immensely important it is in keeping our skin young and fresh. Make sure you are following the 8-9 cups of water recommendation, religiously. Treat your skin with extra care by moisturizing it thoroughly. Genucel can help you in this regard.
  1. Start your day with an SPF based cream: if you have not been using protection against those deadly sun rays, do not fret and start immediately. In order to prevent and fight off the existing signs of aging, it is essential to use a broad spectrum cream at the start of the day. This will ensure protection against damaging UV light rays.
  1. Use Targeted Technology: For most people, different parts of the skin/face are affected more than the rest and therefore it becomes pertinent to target those areas and treat them. Jawline and eyelids remain most susceptible to damage because they are made of fragile skin. If you face any issues like these, Genucel’s Eyelid Treatment and Jawline Treatment can help you fight off such issues. It helps by giving a firm looking skin.
  1. Wash your face twice a day: We are largely unaware of how many dirt and dust particles rest on our face at any given point. These toxic materials then translate into serious issues such as cancers and Alzheimer diseases. Make sure you wash your face twice a day and supplement it with antioxidants such as Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy.

Aging signs on your skin are most likely to cause worry but there is a lot that you can do to fight off these signs. It is never too late.  For more details about Genucel visit

Jeremy Goldstein Has Tips For Protecting Your Business Through Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein lives a busy life as a Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates along with outside of his office in positions that support his community and organizations that are a part of it. He is active in the American Bar Association and is part of the Journal of Law And Business at New York University where he is a subcommittee chair for the organization. There are also several professional lists that include the attorney as well including Chambers USA and The Legal 500. These lists recognize some of the most talented and influential people in the law industry. One of the charitable organizations that the lawyer proudly supports is the Fountain House. This organization focuses on helping adults with mental disorders in a variety of different ways which includes a recent wine dinner that he served as the host of.


When it comes to his professional life, Jeremy Goldstein has a passion for protecting his clients and their best interests. This is why he stresses the importance of legal documents such as non-compete agreements when it comes to your employees. These types of agreements can help to prevent former employees from taking a position with a competitor within a specified period of time according to the contract. It is a common practice for companies to make its employees sign these types of agreements and Jeremy Goldstein states that they could very well benefit businesses who want to protect their rights and intellectual property.


One of the reasons why it is so important to have an employment lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein help create these documents to ensure that they are legally valid and able to be upheld in a court of law. If a judge decides that the non-compete agreement is too restrictive, they may determine that it will not be held up in a court of law. This is why the agreement that is drawn up must be considered reasonable for all of the parties involved. It is because of all of these nuances that make it important to have legal professional help with the process.


There are a lot of differences in laws and restrictions depending on the area that your business is operating out of. Courts on a state level are the ones that are responsible for enforcing these laws which means that your agreements may differ between the states that your company is operating out of. In general, these types of agreements are made to protect businesses from losing customers, trade secrets, and other types of assets that could have an impact on their revenue and how the business operates. Jeremy Goldstein believes that these agreements should be considered a normal part of operations for most companies.


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Matt Fleeger

Matt Fleeger is a successful businessman with a lot of expertise in the oil and gas field and was born in 1963. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, an oil and Gas company. His father established the company within Dallas in 1970.

Matt Fleeger gained skills from this company and in his studies, he dealt with finance and marketing. He is also a founder of MedSolutions Inc., but he headed it for a short while when he later sold it. this a sign that he had enough skill and experience in the business.

Gulf Coast Western has several locations in the United States. It deals with management, exploration of Oil and Gas reserves mostly found in the area. The company’s primary focus is on enterprises that provide promising return capabilities.

Matt Fleeger’s Gulf Coast Western has obtained numerous rights to properties as well as access to land and data on seismic activities through close collaboration some of its partners. Through partnering with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners, this has made it possible for the company to achieve great developmental achievements.

The company has an agreement with Warhorse Oil and Gas where it is allowed to operate numerous development wells as other operators within Louisiana. One of Gulf Coast Western’s plans is to raise the production capabilities and also establish two additional wells that have to be monitored.

The agreement gives the company access to 3D seismic Data, and this will facilitate in maximizing production and developing upcoming assets. Apart from exploring and leasing acquisition activities, the company also aims at establishing themselves in other parts of the United States.

The company has made many partnerships and collaborations nationwide and done business with them and also in the process of working together in joint ventures. The company has principles that guide it in its operations, thus making it prosperous in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The Inspiration Behind Tigerswan | A Leader In The Management & Security Service Industry

James Reese served in the US Army for 25 years as a soldier, special operations commander, and a lieutenant colonel until his retirement in 2007. The Mansfield University graduate and veteran dedicated himself to serving fellow veterans and leading an international crisis management and security firm. One year after retiring, James Reese launched Tigerswan in North Carolina and received an award for a contract with the Department of Defense which enable him to start operations and grow his company.

 The inspiration behind establishing Tigerswan is to honor disabled veterans by hiring them and giving opportunities for them to continue using their military skills. James Reese believes they can apply those skills to the private sector and the civilian world. In an article on Tigerswan’s Blog, he accredited the military for his development in maturity and proactive mindset.

While serving in the US Army and learning life lessons, James Reese became an active and a good listener for those he led. His advice to others is to be a loyal follower if they are followers and to be a faithful leader if they are leaders. James Reese considers himself as a servant leader because he leads to serve others in his company and community where Tigerswan does business. It is the perfect way for him to honor and help disabled veterans adjust to the workplace and excel.

When Tigerswan was in its startup stage, James Reese expanded the business without using his own capital and outsourced funding. The US Department of Defense awarded the firm with a contract and working capital. He used it to hire civilians and disabled-veterans which was a huge success, resulting in revenue growth and profits. With the company’s profit, James reinvested and hired more people and equipment.

James Reese is the CEO, Founder and Chairman of Tigerswan and oversees its operations of over 300 employees working in 50 plus global countries. The private-owned and disabled-veteran company specializes in security, risk management, logistics, intelligence, and training for law enforcement, corporations, and military agencies. Reese gained years of experience in the US Army as special operations commander of international crisis, security, and management services.

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Marc Beer-An Entreprneurial Spirit to Help Others

Marc Beer is an entrepreneur with a proven track record. For over 25 years, he has helped to transform companies into highly successful business ventures by creating sustainable and specific solutions to each one’s unique challenges. As a graduate of business from Miami University, Beer has combined his natural instincts and skills with an education that enhanced his abilities and allowed for great opportunities for his success. As Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme, Marc Beer created a marketing campaign that brought notoriety and awareness to the company that hadn’t previously existed. Furthermore, the product line that Genzyme offered was to aid individuals who were suffering from rare diseases,; a cause that became quite personal to Beer. This position launched Marc Beer’s career to developing solutions to the unique challenges that pharmaceutical companies face in getting their products to those who need it most. 


Viacell was Marc Beer’s first entrepreneurial business venture. Launched in 2000, the company cornered the market by investing in the preservation and collection of umbilical cord stem cells. These cells could be developed to be used as a treatment for several conditions within human beings. Viacell went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 2005 and was eventually sold to the life science conglomerate PerkinElmer in 2007 for $300 million. Viacell’s success has cemented Marc Beer’s role in the future of pharmaceuticals that will treat several conditions that humans were suffering from and enhance their overall lives.


The most recent story of success for Marc Beer originates in an unfortunate tragedy. A short time after the sale of Viacell, Beer’s wife died suddenly. This overwhelming circumstance plunged Beer into a life whose sole intention was enveloped within the well being of his children. It was one of his children that encouraged him to continue his work as a man who made a difference in the world. From this encouragement, Marc Beer embarked on his next entrepreneurial adventure, Renovia. 


To create the company Renovia, Marc Beer partnered with a gynecologist Dr. Ray Iglesias to create alternatives to surgery for women with pelvic afflictions. The two, along with Yolanda Lorié, founded the firm in 2016 as a company that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of women’s pelvic floor disorders. By focusing on medical technological advancements and development, Renovia aimed to offer women suffering from this affliction an alternative to surgical intrusion and in 2018 achieved his first successful FDA approval of the drug Leva. 


Marc Beer has cultivated his love for his fellow man into a long-standing and prosperous career in the pharmaceutical niche. His belief in surrounding himself with the right talent as well as setting and achieving specific goals within his business gives him the motivation necessary to continue his success and bring further enhancements to the lives of others that are suffering. Marc BeerBeer hopes that each success is merely another step towards removing stigmas of pains and discomforts thus leading to further innovation and treatments for the future. Learn more:

Greg Blatt Achievements in the Tech Industry

Greg Blatt is a businessman, investor, and an executive officer who has led multiple online dating companies, therefore, bringing many people together. The major three companies he has impacted include Match Group, Tinder, and IAC, where he held top executive positions during his time. Greg studied at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, graduating with a Bachelors of Art in English Language and Literature in 1990. Between 1992 and 1995, he attended Columbia Law School and attained Doctor of Law (Inspirery).

Career Overview

Greg Blatt began his career in 1994 at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm in Greater New York Area serving as an associate until 1997. He then held a similar role at another law firm, Grubman Indursky Schindler between 1997 and 1999. His academic background has been a key for his success. On May 1995,Greg Blatt joined Martha Stewart Living where he held the position of General Counsel & Business Affairs until November 2003. He later served as the EVP, General Counsel at IAC for five years in Dallas, Texas, and then held his first significant role at as CEO between February 2009 and December 2010. 

Since serving as as the CEO, Blatt began operating in several executive positions, including becoming the CEO of IAC from December 2010 to December 2013. In August 2015, he joined Tinder, Inc. as Executive Chairman until December 2016 where he became the company’s CEO. Greg Blatt also made significant contributions at Match Group since January 2014 where he served as the Executive Chairman and resuming the role of Chairman and CEO in December 2015.

Motives for Success

As a successful entrepreneur in the tech business, Greg Blatt accomplishments remain driven by numerous factors over the years in the industry. Among them is the direct communication network with clients; henceforth creating a reasonable dialogue for development. Working with the right people as well as conversing through videos has also promoted his success in the sector. It is during his Interviews and professional social media profiles where we can find about the shares of Blatt´s experiences in the online dating industry. 

Besides, he performs his activities flexibly and effectively while questioning his doings to ensure delivery of quality and high-end outcomes. More so, he stated that any business accompanies failures and mistakes; therefore, it is essential in motivating entrepreneurs to learn from them and adjust their strategies for success.
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