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Stratford Shields On How To Expand Your Business And His Career Journey

Public finance banker Stratford Shields is an innovative mind and out of the box thinker when it comes to his client’s financial matters. He has worked with in the financial industry for over 20 years and has plenty of experience and knowledge that makes him a sure fit for his job. The financial expert is currently the managing director for Loop Capital Markets.

Mr. Shields previous jobs were also in the finance field. He worked at Morgan Stanley where he was the head of public finance for 5 years. Stratford gained a lot of experience from this Wall Street job, but eventually moved onto a government/political job. At the Ohio Office of Management and Budget, Mr. Shields served as the deputy director. He also served as the president of the state controlling board.

To be truly successful in any field, taking an innovative approach is what does the trick, according to Stratford Shields. Finding new ways to work with client’s finances takes a certain amount of brainstorming and innovative thinking to bring ideas alive. The financial expert made over $30 billion dollar in transactions for the companies he worked for. Stratford earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Ohio State University. If that wasn’t enough of the education, Mr. Shields continued on to earn his Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration degree in political science from Columbia University.

The successful businessman starts his mornings pretty early. When he is not traveling to meet clients and such, Mr. Shields is in the office hard at work. Most of his day is all about strategizing and thinking. Then he brings his ideas to life by discussing them with clients. Reading a lot keeps Stratford up to date on what’s going on in the world, but also helps him in his job as managing director at Loop Capital Markets. Mr Shields wants to give some good advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand their businesses. It is simple according to the expert. You must know and understand your clients. When you understand what they really want and need, you can be immensely successful, thus bringing in more business.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Compassionate and Innovative Demeanor

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a renowned plastic surgeon working out of Dallas, TX. As a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, he focuses on cosmetic surgery for body, nose, eyes, face, and breasts. Since receiving his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jejurikar has been commonly complimented on his compassionate demeanor that helps patients of his come out and be as open as they can with what they really want. His compassion has been even professionally recognized through him winning the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certification, given by Patients’ Choice in 2013. For the year that he won his Compassionate Doctor Certification, only 3% of physicians were awarded it out of the nation’s 870,000 active physicians. Through Binary Fountain’s information and reviews about him, he has been known to have an excellent patient experience rating, totally 35 positive reviews in the last 12 months.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is also known for his huge embrace of emerging medical technology that gives patients more options than anywhere else in the Dallas area. For hair transplantation, Dr. Jejurikar uses the method known as SmartGraft that permanently brings back hair using a precise hair graft implantation method that causes almost no discomfort. Those opting for plastic surgery can also see the results of what procedures would do to them through the innovative Crisalix 3D Imaging system, allowing patients to see a virtual representation of their new body or face through a VR headset. Lastly, patients can learn ahead of the time of what a procedure entails at home through TouchMD, a patient education site that gives educational videos, images, and information that will help you know what to expect. All of these reasons together make choosing Dr. Sameer Jejurikar a no-brainer.

How Does the US Money Reserve Support Gold Investors?

Investing in gold is one of the most secure and stable things that you can do. People often put their money into many different gold products because they want to have as much diversity as possible, and the US Money Reserve provides people with a chance to buy amazing gold coins that are a solid investment.

Learn more about these kinds of investments when you are trying to save money.

  1. Saving For The Future

Saving for the future is very simple when someone has gold coins that they can collect, display in their home, or store for future use. The market value of the coins will jump over time because the gold market has always been rising.

The overall trend for gold is so powerful that a gold investor will make money every year. These gold investors can keep their gold, sell their gold for the profit, or buy more gold because they want to increase their stash.

  1. The Coins Are Exciting

The coins are exciting because they look nice, have fun designs, and are good for use as a display in the house. There are a number of coins to buy from the US Money Reserve, and it is smart for you to start buying coins now that will add to your collection. Read more: US Money Reserve INC | BBB and US Money Reserve President Discusses The Elimination of Penny

The purpose of buying these coins is to make your investments more interesting. You should get your coins every year when you see new designs come out, and you can watch the market value of the coins rise.

  1. Who Buys Gold?

Anyone who buys gold can buy gold bars that will be stored in another location, or you could trust gold coins because you like owning coins that you can show to friends and family.

These are fun coins to keep in the house, and you will also have a good time buying more because the designs will excite you. You might want to buy gold bars because they are something of a status symbol that you can keep in storage, and you can sell the gold at any time that you like.

  1. Conclusion

There are a lot of people who would like to get something that helps the save money for the future when they try the US Money Reserve. The coins that the company sells have a high value, and they are fun to collect because they look so lovely.

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U.S. Money Reserve

Betsy DeVos Continues To Promote Charter Schools Despite The Failures

When John Stossel interviewed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, he told the country Betsy is a fighter by nature. Stossel said he saw the determination in Betsy’s eyes when she talked about her charter school dream. Betsy wants to replace the public school system with what she calls a modern approach to education. Her critics call her charter school initiative a joke.



But DeVos doesn’t listen to her critics. The only people she listens too are husband Dick DeVos, and President Trump. Trump gave Betsy a chance to turn the public school system into a for-profit system that rewards investors at the expense of the students because she and husband Dick gave the Trump campaign millions of dollars.



In order to understand Betsy’s goals, it’s important to understand who Betsy really is under all her wealth. Betsy is a hardnose Calvinist who believes religion and profit will turn America’s education system around. Her determination to make Michigan’s charter schools the model for a countrywide for-profit school system and her willingness to donate a lot of money to Trump’s 2016 campaign were the catalysts that made Trump nominate Betsy.



Betsy was never a teacher or a school administrator. In fact, Betsy had no real education credentials or management training. All she had was a lot of money and the will to fight the system. Congress didn’t want to approve her nomination, but Mike Pence cast the deciding vote for Betsy in 2017.



Even though Trump fired most of the original cabinet members, Betsy is still part of his administration. Mr. Trump is not too concerned about the education issues facing the nation. He lets Betsy do her charter school thing. But charter schools around the country face a number of issues. Many of them are on the chopping block. Nevada’s first charter school closed this spring. And Ohio’s largest charter school closed in 2018. New Jersey charter schools are a real estate investor’s dream. Real estate investors buy school buildings using federal funds, and they rent the buildings to charter schools and make huge profits.



The Democrats say Betsy overlooks charter school issues. Her critics say she continues to promote her education agenda even though the public school system is in big trouble due to lack of funding, teacher dissatisfaction, and her unwillingness to listen to school administrators, teachers, or students.



But just like Stossel said, Betsy likes to fight for what she wants. Even though she doesn’t perform well in front of the cameras, and she seems unaware of the real education issues, she stands tall in the face of controversy.



Betsy and Dick DeVos march to their own beat. They support the Republican cause, but they support their initiatives above all else. Betsy and Dick can do whatever they want thanks to a constant stream of revenue from their investments, Dick’s Amway inheritance as well as Betsy’s family money.


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Isabel Dos Santos Defended Her Reputation Upon Clash Against Joo Loureno

The dispute between the President of the Republic of Angola, João Lourenço, and the Angolan businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos, is not a secret to many. It has even reached the confines of social media. After the cancellation of the Urbinveste contract for the Marginal da Corimba, Dos Santos took it over Instagram that no one can take her good name and reputation away.

Isabel Dos Santos posted in her official Instagram account that her good name and reputation is something that no one is going to take away from her. Reputation is an important thing for an entrepreneur, as it is the biggest basis of trust. She also mentioned how as a businesswoman, she has been contributing to the country’s economy and how she has added responsibility for her employees that depends on her decisions and actions day by day. Dos Santos pointed out that because of this confidence and trust by her employees, she is committed to doing her duty in a correct, legal, and just matter.

The businesswoman added on her Instagram post that she chose to tackle on big challenges because she learned that “In order to see the rainbow, you should have to learn to like the rain.” It can be remembered that the local newspaper Jornal de Negocios reported the decision of President João Lourenço about the Urbimveste Contract. The President claimed that the contract is overcharging the costs, and that’s the reason why he declared the cancellation of it. It is also worthy to note that the President has implemented several measures that clash the interest of the Dos Santos family, which is headed by the former President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos.

Isabel Dos Santos reacted to the President’s accusation about the Urbinviste Contract’s overbilling. She defended Urbinveste and claimed that the accusation is false. She also pointed out how the accusation doesn’t have any evidence at all. President Lourenço annulled the contract last May 17.

Isabel Dos Santos is a known woman figure in Angola’s entrepreneurship and has developed a lot of successful businesses throughout her career. Her projects have been one promoting the development of the country’s technology, solving a lot of company’s problem and enhancing its economy by added employment.

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EOS Lip Balm Review: What You Should Know About This Brand

EOS lip balms is a brand of skincare products that focuses on transforming skin into smoothness. The company has been around for a while now and have grown a following. The brand is known for its popular lip balm. These lips balms have changed the lives of so many people who were suffering from rough or dry or dehydrated lips.

All natural ingredients go into the products produced by EOS lip balms. They choose all natural ingredients because these ingredients are better for the lips of their customers. They are in business to please their customers and only want to create items that are made of complete goodness. The ingredients are safe. The ingredients are healthy ingredients. These ingredients are good for your lips.

What makes these lip balms so amazing and smooth are the condition oils, hydrating butters and vitamins. All of these ingredients come together to formulate a great lip balm. EOS lip balms makes lip balms for many different lip types. Delicate lips, dry lips, peeling lips and basically all types of lips can be healed and treated when selecting one of these lip balms for your lips. Accomplishing healthy lips can be easily done when you rely on EOS lip balm.

Find Out How Luke Lazarus Breaths Life into Failing Startups

Luke Lazarus is an expert at identifying struggling startups and helping them get back on track in terms of increase in revenues made. His career, which spans over twenty years, has been a steady streak of repeated success with his clients.

With his expertise in the field getting a start up to make profits and survive its first few years in the market is a walk in the park. Luke Lazarus insists on being involved in the making of executive decisions as well as prioritizing important decisions in order of urgency.

Luke Lazarus attended Melbourne Business School where he earned his MBA at the young age of twenty-four. After graduating from the school, he set a target of selling four successful companies before he hit thirty-five. A target he accomplished at the age of 33.

Luke Lazarus is a key part of bringing clarity in the companies he chooses to work with. He has earned a strong reputation in the industry. His impeccable work ethic and self-drive have been key in the success of his career. Luke Lazarus is very specific about the importance of a business plan to a startup. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

A business plan is the blue print of a business that can lead the reader to the specific parts of the business that are failing. Once the problem has been identified, Luke Lazarus approaches investors to get funds to help the company fix itself. With his expertise on the market, Luke Lazarus is able to guide most companies back to optimum operations. The financial aspects of any project are key to its success.

Monitoring cash flow and how it is managed is the best way to ensure that all projects hit their targets. Luke Lazarus has proven to be uniquely qualified to identify deficits within the company and quickly formulate a strategy to fix it.

How Luke Lazarus helps companies get to initial public offers

The market place can be a brutal place for startups. Many startups do not make it to their first birthday before they are closed down. Many startups do not get the help of a financial consultant such as Luke Lazarus. With his help, a company is able to optimize operations and increase sales leading to the inevitable success of the business.

Amongst the failing startups, some few entrepreneurs manage to survive and grow into fully-fledged successful companies. With the help of Luke Lazarus, many companies are able to style up, get the attention of venture capitalists, and lead to big deals being brokered.

Infusing the work place with a sense of purpose and creating a clear picture of the value offered to the client is a sure way to create a connection with the client, which improves work output. Luke Lazarus sets the stage for the success of a startup regardless of the involvement of an investor or not.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus: In Taking Yet Another Step That Takes Aim At Helping The Business Sector Of China: has recently made a big announcement in regard to offering yet another great program designed to help out businesses of all different sizes across all of China. The company is well-known and respected as the countries premier retailing and e-commerce entity and has a strong reputation for providing services that help China’s business community to run its operations better. is world-renowned for its futuristic and revolutionary system of logistics and supply and providing access to these proprietary systems is a major way that the company has been able to help China’s business sector to grow and thrive. One of the areas the company is now helping out China’s businesses is in terms of their procurement needs.

Procurement is a process that all businesses have to deal with when it comes to getting the basic supplies that they need in order to be able to run their businesses and do what it is that they do. This has often been a process that lacked transparency and caused businesses to deal with a long list of separate vendors and separate pricing schemes. This causes inefficiency and is not at all cost effective either. is working to help today’s businesses in China to solve this problem by offering a new program that allows them to obtain all of the supplies that they need to procure through’s impressive platform that can make it possible for all of these items to be obtained by ordering through the retailing giant.’s Business Head is Chunzheng Song and he has commented on the kind of work that the company has been engaging in regarding its assistance to China’s business community. He emphasizes the fact that has put a lot of effort these last few years into really understanding what kinds of needs it is business customers have and how they can do their best to fulfill these important needs. The fact is that the impressive network of supply and logistics that utilizes then puts the company in an ideal place to serve businesses of all size ranges across the country of China.

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The Man Behind the Blockchain: Serge Belamant

Blockchain technology is where Serge Belamant comes into the picture. True, Serge is not exactly a household name like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. However, time will eventually show the contributions of Serge Belamant to be every bit as significant as a Bezos or Zuckerberg. Simply stated, Serge Belamant is a founding patent holder of blockchain technologies.

Serge was instrumental in developing blockchain applications through the use of smart cards. The smart cards contained microprocessors which functioned on or off-line. Online and mobile financial transactions take place at nearly 150 million per second and account for over $100 trillion annually. Without the means of verifying the true identity of both parties, the world financial system could not operate. Legacy systems were slow, cumbersome and prone to human error. Serge’s verification system changed this by assigning each prospective transactor and transactee an identity and account verifying facility to identify the prospective transactor and an account the prospective transactor has with a financial institution.

As with many new startups selling breakthrough technology, blockchain was slow in building a customer base. The first years were spent trying to get banks to use his Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). Bound by tradition and regulation, banks are highly risk-averse and the early going proved challenging. The breakthrough moment for Serge came in 1995 when Visa hired Serge’s firm Net1 Technologies to invent a new application using his FTS/UEPS technology. Serge moved to the United States where he had access to everything he needed to complete the project. The end result was called the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC).

While completing the COPAC project for Visa, Serge successfully integrated his two innovating technologies together. By merging FTS and UEPS, Serge Belamant created the COPAC which is still a primary security feature for Visa against fraud, misuse of credit and verifying personal identification numbers. Serge’s company, Net1 Technologies was successful in implementing the UEPS which supplied security, speed, and interoperability within CPS. With this masterful piece of work, Serge Belamant was nicknamed the Henry Ford of IT by respected journalist Stafford Thomas.

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Crucial Principles for Successful Product Marketing In the Digital World by Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard is an entrepreneur currently working as a Global Brand Consultant at Self, operating in different fields which include technology, sports, and finance. He graduated from the School of Business at Babson College based in Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States, with an MBA in 1996. His experience working at Nike for about two decades has enabled him to become among the top critical individuals in the business industry.

Steve Lesnard highlights the art of product marketing in the current digital world which has introduced more innovative and dynamic mediums; hence changing the existing forms of marketing. Digital product marketing through dynamic and social platforms is beneficial but can cause adverse impacts to your business when leveraged inadequately. Brands as such should introduce new products highlighting correctly benefits accompanied and the added value it comprises to the consumer.

Keep the Benefits and Descriptions Clear

According to Steve Lesnard, clear product description entails highlighting the benefits, uniqueness and the additional value it comprises compared to the existing or competitive brands available in the market. Ensure the story remains simple, free from mistakes and adopts innovative and relevant communication procedures for delivery of the intended message. For instance, the popular iPod program, 10k songs in your pocket, separate Apple from competitors, as the company focuses on simple and beneficial details introducing a new solution in the market. The description is accurate and direct while the expansion succeeds over time hence developing more products with immediate sales due to simplicity in digital marketing strategies.

Bring Customer Experiences to Life

Make all the descriptions highlighted about the given product real and crystal clear for consumers considering the type of platform you are using. Some of the methods to use include video description in the correct context, highlight customer testimonials and begin with the essential features that make the product more beneficial. For instance, Yeti, an outdoor lifestyle product company based in Austin, Texas, positioned themselves by marketing their products through their ambassador’s lifestyle. The technique enabled the company to sell themselves while making their products realistic through the support of ambassadors broadcasting the message to reach consumers.

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