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Equities First Holdings: A Global Trailblazer in Security-based LendinG

Equities First Holdings began its operations in 2002 with stock-based loans as the primary business unit. In 2013, the company opened its London office to cater to the high demand for customized financial solutions in the United Kingdom. After EFH’s acquisition in 2014, it established offices in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Since then, the security-based lender founded by Al Christy has become a pacesetter in the financial services field.

In 2018, Equities First Holdings became the first Repo buyer in the United Arab Emirates after receiving approval from the Dubai Financial Markets. This development now makes it easier for the company’s customers in the region to get the highest profits with minimum risks. As Equities First Holdings continues to expand, its goal is to become the first company one thinks of when searching for security-based loans.To Date, the firm has conducted over nine hundred significant lending deals.

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Gustavo Martinez talks about consulting in Marketing and advertising

Lately, Gustavo Martinez has chosen to take a while new direction in marketing and advertising. The veteran has been seen to favor consultancy at the expense of the practices that have been in place for decades.

He also says that it is one pf the things that he will be focusing on as his career comes to an end. However, what everyone is wondering is the reason he would take such a direction, yet there is a way he has always done things. He thought it wise to address this new concept in a recent interview. Read on to find out his take on consultancy in marketing.

An independent contractor

According to Gustavo Martinez, people should stop thinking too much about consulting in marketing. He is of the view that when one ventures into consultancy, they are only changing their status to an independent contractor.

They have more control of their work because they determine who to work for and how to do it. At this level, you have moved out of employment and therefore, you will be your own boss. The good thing that comes with such a move is that the contractor will now offer more high-end services, and this is a good thing or the customers.

It is centered on creativity

Unlike other professions, consultancy in advertising and marketing is centered on creativity. Gustavo Martinez says that it is not easy to offer such services when you cannot come up with creative ways of doing it. For example, he recommends that everyone tries to be unique. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Wikipedia  and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

You will find it much easier to come up with iconic ads and shape the industry when you can add a personal touch to the story. This aspect will be best offered when someone chooses to leave the conventional style and venture into consultancy.

Following a clear process

In addition to upping creativity in ads and marketing campaigns, the other thing that consultancy brings to the industry is the interaction of works that follow a clear process. To explain this point even further, Gustavo Martinez uses the example of painters and other artists.

He shows that even though they may all be asked to paint the same surface, there are unique ways through which each one of them will do it, and this will lead to different results. It is this difference in approach that is likely to make people like or dislike their work.

For Gustavo Martinez, the main thing that powers marketing is raw creativity, and it can only be found through consultancy. Therefore, he wants people to start changing the way the market and advertise businesses. By embracing creativity, he is sure that there will be a major revolution in this industry to the delight of everyone.

Click on the links below to learn more about Gustavo Martinez: Brings in This Year’s First Apple and Kiwifruit Harvest from New Zealand to Chinese Consumers

Jingdong, the largest retailer in China, recently announced the import of this year’s first apple and kiwifruit harvest from New Zealand. This not only results in more products for Chinese consumers but it also strengthens the company’s partnership with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri, which are market leaders whose products proved popular among JD’s customers.

According to data released by the Chinese retailer, overseas fruits represents the majority of all fruit sales on the platform in 2018 – with the number growing from the 20% in 2016. In recent years, fruit exports from New Zealand reached NZ$606 million, with sales of fresh food from New Zealand growing by more than 80% on in 2018. Imported fruits are generally favored by middle-class, young consumers who focus on their nutrition and their personal health.

Both Zespri as well as Rockit Global Limited have expressed their appreciation for the partnership with Zespri’s Head of China Corporate Affairs noted that the retailer is an ideal partner for the company in order to continue growing its distribution footprint in China, and also praised’s logistics network, stating that it will ensure that the produce will arrive to customers in the best condition.

The Chief Executive Officer of Rockit Global Limited noted that due to its large numbers of customers and quick delivery ability, the Chinese retailer is the best partner for Rockit Global Limited to bring its product to Chinese consumers.

Meanwhile, also had kind words for the two companies, with the leader of’s fresh food division Xiaozhou Zhou noting that the company is pleased with the partnerships. He also pointed out that Chinese consumers favor the platform when it comes to buying fresh imported products.

The partnership between Zespri and was established in 2017, when the New Zealand company set a store on the e-commerce platform. The partnership between the two parties enables the kiwifruit exporter to leverage the capabilities and the logistics network provided by the Chinese retailer. Rockit Global Limited also has a flagship store on, with China being the most important market for the New Zealand company.

Matthew Fleeger Success Story

In any part of the world, the gas and oil department is considered to be one of the best. Investors who are courageous enough to face the hardships in this department are assured of great profits from their investments. Not all professionals in this section are corrupt. There are few who have worked their way up the ladder, and they are enjoying the success of their companies. Matthew Fleeger is among these professionals. The renowned oil and gas business leader represents a team of individuals who have acquired wealth in the right way. His numerous accomplishments have been brought by his commitment in the market. Unlike other entrepreneurs, the businessman has learnt most of the skills he has when still working in the competitive market. The hardships in the oil section have never stopped Matthew Fleeger from working hard and accomplishing her dreams in life.

The success story of Matthew Fleeger started when he was a young boy in school. By the time he was joining the Southern Methodist University, everyone around him knew that he was destined for greatness. Matthew worked with so much dedication in his studies, and he got excellent grades in finance and marketing. When he was graduating from the popular university, the investor was ready to take on the hardships that were being brought by the American economy. His father was already doing well from his oil and gas investments, and this encouraged Matthew Fleeger to follow suit. His family was known for its entrepreneurial spirit for decades, and Fleeger proved that he was just like other members of the family. Before he could start his first company, the businessman had to work in more than seven organization so that he could acquire enough expertise. As the current president and chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, the executive has so many accomplishments under his belt.


Steve Ritchie puts emphasis on diversity training

Papa John’s International Inc. has decided to roll out diversity training for all its employees. In an open letter addressed to stakeholders of this company and which was published on the company’s website, Steve Ritchie, the new CEO, outlined this and other measures that he is going to take. Steve Ritchie took over his role with an onerous task of building the relationship with the customers. The diversity training is aimed at teaching employees of the company how to avoid “unconscious bias” while performing their duties. It is the concern of every business owner to known that they are in good books with the customers. One way of building this relationship is by avoiding any cases that might come out as signs of bias against any customer.

Papa John’s employs over 120,000 employees. These are the main people who will be targeted by diversity training. The letter by Steve Ritchie also outlined other measures that Steve Ritchie will take to ensure that the work of the company builds trust with its customer base. An audit of the company’s culture is another measure that will be made under the authorization of Steve Ritchie. This audit is intended to come up with recommendations that will be taken to ensure that the culture of the company is with the business environment of today.

Steve Ritchie also promised to personally lead a tour to the field so that the executives can learn and listen first-hand to the concerns of the people. He wanted to understand what the situation is like on the ground by talking directly to employees and customers. Steve Ritchie has also put together a team of diversity experts who will guide the company on how to deals with crisis. To show the serious efforts, he is taking to make the situation better; he has created an office that will specifically deal with inclusivity and equity.


The Truth of OSI Group McDonalds & Their Meat Production

OSI Group Mcdonalds is currently one of the largest manufacturers of food for not only various parts of the world but to one of the biggest fast food restaurant chains, McDonald’s. As technology involves so does the access of information to the public. Therefore it’s no secret why the public now seeks foods that contain fewer amounts of sugar and are more organic in nature. However, not even the most established companies are immune to the growing public concern over food additives. Mcdonald’s has estimated that they sell over 75 burgers every two seconds across the globe. Naturally, they are one of the first businesses that people are targeting.

Many have accused Mcdonald’s of pumping their meat with additives in order for them to last longer. Much of this information can be attributed to an experiment done by David Whipple. In 1999 Mr.whipple purchased a hamburger from Mcdonald’s and placed it in his cupboard to study the number of preservatives in it. In 2013, Mr.Whipple would showcase to the world that the burger had hardly changed in its look or texture, therefore, proving the addition of preservatives. The experiment was, however, quickly disproven as various scientist added that much like the human body, mold and other things that cause rotting need sunlight, water, oxygen to grow. Placing the burger in the cupboard where it was not exposed to any of these was the reason for its almost perfect current condition.

Recently, a business Insider writer was given a chance to tour OSI Group Mcdonalds largest facilities located in Günzburg, Germany. The writer spoke about the incredible measures the facility takes in making sure that nothing was contaminating the food, whether it was through adding preservatives or simply coughing into the meat. OSI Group Mcdonalds might sound like the McDonalds corporation owns it. However, OSI Group and Mcdonalds are two separate entities. The tie is due to the long history the two companies share with each other. In Fact, OSI Group was the first meat producer for the Mcdonald’s corporation, a strong and successful partnership that is now known as OSI Group Mcdonalds.

Oren Frank’s Major Contributions to the Global Mental Healthcare Epidemic

Oren Frank was born in Israel but is currently based in New York, United States. He is the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace. The company was founded in 2012 with a vision of enhancing psychotherapy sessions. This would make the encounter more accessible and affordable to billions of individuals all around the world. Talkspace has grown into messaging therapy with unlimited services. One of its goals is to eliminate any major stumbling block in receiving outpatient mental health care. There are above 350,000 subscribed users using Talkspace.

Oren Frank was previously hired by McCann Erickson Worldwide as a senior advertising and marketing executive. He was praised for providing enhanced creative strategies as well as being a leader in the upcoming media marketing domain. He admits that his personal experience at couple’s therapy contributed greatly to his idea of Talkspace. He acknowledges that the execution of ideas requires focus and discipline. Additionally, productivity is achieved through moderation amidst the extreme work culture. See more on Wikipedia

Talkspace is a top-ranked mobile behavioral health firm. It provides psychotherapy via an online platform across the world. Mental health treatment is a crucial part of the global societal crises. It is a global health issue, especially in the US. It is estimated that one in five adults suffer from a mental problem.

The company provides a convenient and effective method of seeking mental well-being. Oren Frank and his team have helped over a million customers by linking the clients with licensed therapists. It was recorded that most of the clients were accessing the health services for the first time.

Together with his wife Roni, Oren Frank founded the firm owed to the innovative power as well as technological skills. He believes that it is a moral right to receive mental health care. Therefore, all people should value and support psychotherapy and more so access the services at any time when the need arises. Visit:

TalkSpace and its tremendous success

TalkSpace has been signing deals with large organizations. The company is regarded as one of the best in the mental health industry for its impressive performance. They signed an agreement with Magellan Health, which is a renowned organization providing insurance services. The current CEO is Oren Frank who is also the founder of TalkSpace which started in 2012. The entrepreneur who understands depression and anxiety was not satisfied with the way many people were not getting the proper treatment. Although there is a large number of people who have depression today, many of them cannot access treatment services because they are busy or they cannot afford the charges.

Read more at to know more about Talkspace.

Oren Frank decided to start a messaging app to ensure as many people as possible would access the services. He has since worked hard to grow the app and attract many users who need professional services from qualified individuals. He believes the tremendous success is because of the many people who need these services. Millions of people have turned to the online platform where experienced and professional counsellors offer therapy services. Frank is someone who has experienced issues in his relationship, and this is why he decided to start a platform to help others.

The technology has made things easy because those affected can now communicate with experts even when they are far away. You can use video calls, audio and messaging services. These methods of communication have proved to be effective because many have received the help they needed since the launch of the company. Frank is always working to ensure communication is easy and straightforward. He has also collaborated with licensed therapy service providers making the business authentic.

Partnering with other large organizations and investors is one of the best decisions for Frank. It has enabled the business to grow to become a globally recognized one. If you have depression, TalkSpace is there to offer you the services you need most.


Article Title: Susan McGalla and Drive For Better Service

Article Text:

Susan McGalla understands that life may not always be a bed of roses but she also realizes that there is always a silver lining that is present within each moment of life. She understands that it is those challenges that help one to grow and become stronger. She knows that without challenges in life, one would not be able to progress and become more. They would not be able to transform themselves and make a difference within their world.

She has had a long journey and has witnessed many different principles over the course of her path in the corporate sector. One key part of her process is that of investing in herself and in her education. Investing in her education and in herself has opened a variety of doors for her in her life.

She knew that if she invested her time in a great fashion that she would able to have the correct knowledge and skill sets to add value to the environments that she was a part of. She strives hard each day to become an asset a strong value add to each different context.

As such, she is prized and appreciated in the corporate environment and in the startup environment as well. Susan McGalla realizes the importance of being useful and utilizing different tactics and strategies to make a difference in the lives of her co-workers, her peers, and the people she serves on a regular basis. She knows the importance of thinking differently and uniquely. Susan McGalla has seen the value of thinking about problems in a different manner and approaching situations with a calm and collected mind.

One way that she has made a difference in her life and in the lives of others within her life by investing her self and in her education. She continues to learn about the world around her and the issues that are present within to see how she can become a problem solver and become a person who can make a dent in the universe.

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Jeremy Goldstein- An In-Depth Interview

Jeremy Goldstein is a leading partner for the exclusive law firm he helped found. The firm is committed to advising management team, CEOs, compensation committees and businesses with issues regarding corporate governance in matters regarding executive compensation rules. Below are some of the questions he was recently asked during an interview about his life’s work.


How Did The Idea For Your Law Firm Come About?


The idea to start the JLG Associates Law Firm came to fruition about 10 years ago. At that time, many government circles were obsessed with conflicts of interest in the matters of executive compensation. Because of this, Jeremy Goldstein saw many firms breaking off from their larger organizations to work on these matters. After seeing many lawyers having success breaking away from their law firms, he decided to take the plunge and branch off as well.


How Do You Stay Productive Each Day?


Goldstein is constantly advising his clients on how to make decisions based on their careers and their own pay. Those issues are very important to him and he takes them into consideration himself. With this type of work, there are no shortcuts to take. The negotiating, advising and drafting requires consistent dedication and 24-hour availability. In order to ensure his time remains productive, he limits the number of cases he accepts.


How Are Your Ideas Brought To Life?


In this line of business, Jeremy Goldstein is not completely surprised by any issues that arise anymore. If a truly new issue arises, it typically rhymes with something that he has seen in the past with a new twist to it. Mr. Goldstein has worked in the area of law for more than 20 years.


Who Is Jeremy Goldstein?


Prior to founding his firm, Mr. Goldstein was a top partner at a huge New York law firm. He had also been involved in big corporate transactions in the last 10 years, including the popular pending acquisition by Express Scripts of eviCore. He has degrees from the New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago and Cornell University.


As a chairperson for a business committee on the American Bar Association, he frequently speaks and writes about executive compensation issues on corporate governance and is a leading lawyer for the Chambers USA. Additionally, he is also a member of the board of directors at Fountain House. This organization is a charity that dedicates itself to recovering women and men who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.