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Dr. Clay Siegall And His Dedication For Treating Serious Illnesses

Dr. Clay Siegall had founded Seattle Genetics and led it towards success in terms of providing targeted therapies for patients who crucially need serious treatment over diseases such as cancer. He is considered as a legend in the biotech field for proving that targeted therapies can provide relief to cancer patients as well. He was also responsible for developing ways to create successful drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, and for creating an FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate, He also made partnerships with long-standing pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Bayer.

Dr. Siegall was actually inspired in building all of these due to his pure interest in medicine. Every successful person gained huge profits over the things they love to do, and Dr. Siegall is one of them. He is always interested in how medicine works and how technology played a huge part in it. He also states that he has the drive to get rid of overcoming diseases, and he turned it into a goal in his life for the sake of other people. He also wants to give hope to people who are suffering from diseases that most think as a “dead-end” in one’s life. This gave him a love for studying medicine to the point where he attained the highest possible education in a certain field of science.

His belief in having a better way to treat diseases aside from extreme surgical methods such as amputation is what caused him to begin Seattle Genetics. This also became the reason why he never ended researching for medicine improvements. That’s why his company became a very valuable asset in the field of medicine and biotech nowadays. This just shows that dedication is what drives a person towards his dreams, as it contains a purpose that benefits others as well.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. He also stands as the founder of this Seattle-based firm in the biotech industry since 1998. It is a company which aims to provide therapies and its respective drug in order to treat serious diseases that seem to have no improvement in terms of mortality rates for patients. As a degree holder of Zoology from the University of Maryland, and a doctorate degree holder in Genetics from George Washington University, Dr. Siegall is dedicated to providing the best treatments possible for patients suffering from fatal illnesses such as cancer.

Southridge Capital Excels through Excellent Customer Service.

One of the financial institutions that have brought a lot of freedom to the financial borrowers in the United States has been Southridge Capital. The organization has been focused on the ordinary citizens who have been going through financial difficulties and struggles whenever they happen to take loans from the financial institutions. Some of the individuals occasionally get into the dangerous hands of auctioneers who subject their properties to disrespectful sales after they have failed to raise enough money to repay their borrowed funds. Due to a constant observation of the same practice between the borrowers and the lenders, Stephen M. Hicks, who is the founder and the current principal of the organization decided to establish Southridge as a solution to the problems and financial challenges that the credit customers were undergoing.


In 1996, Stephen M. Hicks laid the foundation for Southridge Capital. The organization was founded on solid pillars all of which were client oriented and were all focused on relieving the everyday customer of the financial institutions the pain that they underwent as a result of unfavorable financial conditions. The first pillar on which the company was founded was customer training. The customers of Southridge Capital were subjected to mandatory training whenever they decided to borrow money from the organization. Through this program, the customers learn about the most effective ways to refund the loans and hence they can escape any disputes that arise whenever the borrowers fail to meet their debt obligations. You can visit to see more.



The other pillar is enshrined in the recruitment process of the company’s employees. Southridge Capital ensures that all the members of staff that it recruits are professional and qualify to work for the organization. Besides that, the qualified employees are also trained in customer service to make sure that their customer handling skills are enhanced. As a result, the clients of the organization confess that the services they get from Southridge Capital are unmatched to any other company in the industry. In an interview that was conducted recently by the IdeaMensch, the President of the company indicated that the organization’s success is grounded on the excellent customer service that is rendered by the employees to the clients of the organization. You can checkout their twitter account for more details.



NGP VAN Spreads Canvassing Technology

Federal elections in the United States are increasingly becoming expensive. Political parties and candidates are spending billions in political campaigns. In the federal elections of 2016, about $6.4 billion was spent. All the money is going to one thing only- winning the vote. A campaign must be able to convince the people that the agenda they have for the country deserves their vote. Apart from the money, there is also the input of the workers who volunteer to support the campaigns.


The traditional method used is door-door canvassing. In door-door canvassing, volunteers move from home to home talking to the voters and persuading them to join a certain side. Voters can change their mind agree with the volunteers or promise to come out on the Election Day. Turn out is an important factor in federal elections and mobilizing the voters base is important.


The average American home has experienced the work of canvassers even if not for political campaigns. Canvassers move around supporting non-profits organizations initiatives and religious organizations.


Federal elections are highly competitive and political; parties and candidates must make sure that all the finances are well utilized to meet the ultimate goal which should be winning the vote. Mainly canvassing help in persuading voters to go out to vote. Canvassing needs to be professionally done to attract votes from the opposing camps and also mobilize voters to come out and vote.

The traditional way of canvassing may not be successful in the modern day. By simply moving from door-door it does not mean that you will win more votes. In fact, traditional canvassing has proven to have a negligible effect on campaigns. For canvassing to work it needs to be supported by new technology that is supplied by the NGP VAN.


NGP VAN has a solid history of helping the Democrats win, in 2008 and 2012, they supported the campaigns of Barack Obama, and he won. The campaign tools that they offer are the best in the industry. Data collected from voters is then stored in a database. The information collected from the database is then used to design the campaign strategy. When canvassing, canvassers can go out with more information about the voters such that their message will be personalized depending on the information collected.


NGP VAN is dedicated to the cause of protecting progressive ideas. Recently they had a campaign supporting the role of women in the workplace. The campaign labeled “A Day Without a Woman” celebrated the women working for NGP VAN as well in other organizations.


Igor Cornelsen Has Built His Reputation and Success In The Financial Industry Due To His Keen Instincts At Spotting Trends:

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian businessman who has made an outstanding name for himself over the years as an investment advisor. He has a career that stretches back nearly fifty years and attributes much of his success that he has enjoyed to his personal philosophy on business. His career started in 1970 after his graduation from college when Igor went to work for an investment bank. By 1974 Igor Cornelsen was promoted to Multibanco’s Board of Directors. When Multibanco was acquired by United States firm Bank of America in 1978, Ian found that new opportunities opened up to him including a number of new investment possibilities. 1995 saw Igor starting his own investment firm after a stint with Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

Igor Cornelsen drew the inspiration for his career as an investment advisor from his experience in the investment banking industry. His normal day consists of looking at the state of the markets in Europe when he wakes up in his Sao Paulo, Brazil home. He also spends a lot of time talking with his business partners about their opinions regarding the state of the market that day. Igor makes it a point to follow which global economies are improving and which ones stand to go into decline. This helps him know where he should consider selling assets. Igor also swears by Reuters as being an outstanding source regarding investment information. He sees it as a source that is truly unbiased and therefore more reliable than many other sources.

Financial trends that have Igor excited for 2018 include the cryptocurrency market. He admits that its volatility has made it an area that he has so far not gotten heavily involved in, but he has by no means committed to never jump into that area. He enjoys watching the crypto market and waiting for a point when it becomes more stable. In the end, Igor attributes much of his success in the world of investment to being tied into the fact that he has always been skilful at realizing when assets were depreciating in value before others recognized the fact.

Doe Deere is a Bold as Lime Crime

Upon first meeting Doe Deere, Instagram star and founder of Lime Crime, its clear that she likes to stand out and isn’t afraid to follow her own path. A self proclaimed Unicorn Queen, she wears bold pastel colors and believes that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves. Her history and rise to fame as one of the most unique makeup brands on the market


Doe Deere, who was born in Russia, moved to the US at the age of 17. She has an icon personality and is bold and outgoing. Before she started Limecrime, she was a popular blogger on LiveJournal. Later she joined MySpace where she enjoyed a brief career as the lead singer of a “fairy tale rock band” called Salt Tears followed by a brief solo career. During this time, she became just as well known for her bold fashion choices as she was her music. It was around this time that she started selling DIY clothes on E-bay under the user name Lime Crime.


As she rose in stardom, through instrgram and Facebook, she and her partner decided to turn Lime Crime into a fashion and makeup brand that sold bold, unique makeup and hair dye that was vegan and cruelty free that supports feminism, and the freedom to express yourself. One of the reasons why she started the company was because she loved wearing bold bright makeup, and dyeing her hair bold, bright colors and had a hard time sourcing the makeup and hair dye.


Her unique fashion sense led to the creation of her popular, iconic magenta hair color, which is part of the companies Unicorn Hair line of semi-permenent hair dyes. She also launched Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009, which focused on bright and bold colors. Because of this, she is one of the leaders behind the popular Instgram based unicorn trend that can be seen in everything from makeup to food and clothing. A later line, Velevitines followed, which helped launch the liquid lipstick trend.


Doe Deere is passionate about being able to express yourself in a unique and creative way. Her company is a an extension of that and has launched her as one of the most iconic instagram stars of today.