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Jason Hope and the Future of Antiaging Technology

It may seem that there are a growing number of individuals who are entering the class of entrepreneurs that are taking their visions of the future and funding them through their business endeavors. There is a man in the Arizona area who is a member of this new class of entrepreneurs, and he goes by the name of the Jason hope. Jason is an individual who originally went to Arizona State University where he was able to receive a bachelors degree in finance. At the University of Arizona State University, Jason hope was also able to pursue his graduate education. He was able to graduate from Arizona State University with an MBA. After graduating from Arizona State University with a BA, Jason hope was able to begin his career in earnest. He first started by launching a company of his own which operated in the field of mobile medications. The success of this company allows the Jason hope to focus his efforts on other philanthropic areas. Today Jason hope is most interested in several areas of research and is a well-known philanthropist in the Arizona area. He has commented on both the future of anti-aging medical technology as well as the evolution of the Internet of things.

He has recently donated a large sum of money to an organization that is devoted towards the research of anti-aging technology which uses biotechnology in the effort to stop the aging process in the human body. This organization is led by a man known as Aubrey de Grey. The organization is known as the scientifically engineered negligible senescence research foundation. Jason recently donated $500,000 to the organization. This donation was used in order to construct a new laboratory. The new laboratory that was constructed using the funds generated from the donation is known as the Cambridge laboratory. At this new laboratory several new breakthroughs in the understanding of the aging process in the medical technology that is used in order to treat them have been made. One of the most important breakthroughs that have made up of new laboratory is known as the advanced glycation end products breakthrough. Advanced glycation end products are a result of metabolic waste that builds up in tissues. This metabolic waste will cause tissues to lose their elasticity. These new breakthroughs have developed a technology that is able to remove the buildup of these metabolic waste products. The removal of these metabolic waste products will help to rejuvenate an individual’s tissues.

About Jason Hope:

Wes Edens Promoting a Competitive Work Environment at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading global investment company that has more than $74.3 billion worth of assets. The company specializes in a wide range of investment options such as liquid markets, credit, private equity and much more. The company has more than 1,600 clients all around the world that includes private clients and institutions as well. Wes Edens, the founder and also the President of Fortress Investment Group, has contributed immensely to the success of the company. Ever since the company was set up, he has worked hard to take it to new heights. In fact, he was the executive behind the decision to the take the company public and it was the best decision for the company. He is currently responsible for the private equity department of the company and also its alternative investment business. Before starting Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Lehman Brothers and the BlackRock for a few years where he learned the tricks of the trade and gained knowledge.

Wes Edens is also the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks that he brought along with Jamie Dinan and Marc Lasry. Recently, he also invested in a brand new eSport team with the name FlyQuest. The team would be competitive in the top competitions such as the North America League of Legends Championship Series he already has a plan ready for his team when it comes to making partnerships, getting sponsorships and also engaging their fans. Wes Edens has identified the growth of eSports and believes that they can provide excellent returns on investments. With his team, he also wants to expand the popularity of eSports globally.

Wes Edens regards the employees of the company as its driving force. The reason that the company is successful is that of its employees who work hard and are dedicated to the company’s goals. He believes that the employees should be challenged to increase their productivity but also recognizing their efforts, and hard work is also essential. Those who join the company can learn from experts and can grow in their careers. All employees are provided with the equal opportunity and are expected to respect each other. The head of the teams treat every employee as a family member and help each other while remaining competitive. Wes Edens want to build Fortress Investment Group as a company that is growth driven but also the one that takes care of its employees.

InnovaCare Health – Giving Healthcare One Step at a Time

InnovaCare Health is an organization that focuses on healthcare for not only the individual, but for the community. The organization takes Medicaid and Medicare programs above and beyond the focus of the individual patient. Spearheaded by Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare develops and implements medical care models that ensures improvements in efficiency.


Ms. Kokkinides has extensive experience in the Medicare and Medicaid industry and has proven that her knowledge of improving healthcare has been an asset to InnovaCare. As the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare, Ms. Kokkinides has a proven record of multiple leadership roles. She has been the strategic planner for managed care for multiple healthcare organizations. Ms. Kokkinides has been a central part of many health care company’s improved healthcare models.


She has been a spokesperson for improving healthcare in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. She recently met with a panel of other healthcare professionals with President Trump to discuss the decline in funding for managed care. Her strategic planning efforts in Puerto Rico are shining through with InnovaCare’s current makeshift clinic at the Plazas las America shopping center. The current assistance from InnovaCare is funded through Medicare and Medicaid programs.


Located in the storefront called, “Recargate,” InnovaCare Health has placed healthcare physicians and staff to assist those in need in a hurricane torn city. Although the city of Puerto Rico is rebuilding, some areas are still affected and the people in that area need healthcare all the more. Most travel to receive physical and psychological healthcare. InnovaCare prides itself on helping the patient holistically; by treating every need the patient may have physically as well as educating the community.


InnovaCare’s data has shown through current pilot healthcare model in Puerto Rico; that poverty, disadvantages of transportation, and the lack of other resources in the community play a major part on healthcare results. By utilizing satellite and mobile clinics, InnovaCare has combatted this issue. Bringing healthcare to those who can not get to it has paid off. Patients all over Puerto Rico are receiving care from licensed professionals, diagnosed and educated by healthcare staff, and receiving medications via onsite pharmacists at time of visit.


InnovaCare Health Organization hopes by implementing these satellite and mobile locations, will aid in the rebuilding of the healthcare format in Puerto Rico. The current healthcare model in place is just a stepping stone for the future of healthcare in Puerto Rico. By the city pulling together and continuing to rebuild, InnovaCare Health and the community will continue to provide and stride to a greater system of care.