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Talk Fusion’s New Edition of Live Meeting

The improved edition of Live Meetings, a stylish real-time communications computer program has been developed by Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. It features a streamlined and improved user interface even beginners can easily use. The software is based on the well-known and prevalent WebRTC system. People can conveniently hold video conferences or one-way video communication seamlessly with up to 15 hosts and 500 participants. Guests can attend the conferences via tablet, PC, or even smart phone.


One of the best features is the new edition software does not need a separate software download or plug-in. Users just use a web browser providing better compatibility and convenience. Staying up to date with modern technologies allows Talk Fusion to stay a forerunner of software development utilizing WebRTC. Adopting modern marketing and promotional trends keeps Talk Fusion very competitive attracting new Video Suite users. Average computer users and professionals can greatly benefit using Live Meetings. Some other impressive benefits are: superb clarity of video and audio, a waiting room to do system checks before going into the conference room, and maximized security for all users.


Bob Reina attended the University of South Florida and entered the Tampa Bay Police Academy where he earned impressive awards for academics. After serving in different roles as a police officer, he realizing he wanted to be more successful. Bob began working part time in marketing and knew early on that it takes commitment and hard work to become successful as well as vision. Bob was a top producer in a few network marketing companies which did not last.


Frustrated at not being able to send a ten second video through email in 2004 led him to start collaborating with a talented friend in the IT field. The pair were able to achieve a way to insert the video into emails successfully. A few years later in 2007, he decided to start a video and communications company and Talk Fusion was born. Bob Reina has made Talk Fusion a successful company as the only software development firm of it’s type using the WebRTC platform for conferences. Learn more: