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The Impact Of Arizona Dream Act Coalition On The Lives Of Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Despite the combined efforts of several human, migrant and civil rights organizations all over the world, human rights are still being trampled upon in every part of the world. While some people have the knowledge and financial resources to fight for themselves, most victims of human right abuse do not even know how to go about seeking justice let alone have the financial strength. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

This is why human, civil and human right organizations have to be appreciated, encouraged and supported. You don’t have to wait until you or someone close to you becomes a victim of human right abuse before you join or support any of these groups.

One thing that is very disturbing is that the wheel of justice moves slowly. It took Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the founders of Frontera fund several years to be settled for being illegally arrested from their homes on October 18, 2007 by the then Maricopa County Sheriff. Despite all the resources they dissipated into fighting for their right, they decided to donate their settlement which was about the sum of $3.75 million to civil organizations.

This gesture should not only be appreciated, it should be celebrated and emulated. You don’t have to wait to donate handsomely to human rights organizations. The little you can afford to support them is enough. Most of the organizations have been founded by selfless people to fight for less privileged. You can also support them just like how Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin did.

One of such organizations is The Arizona Dream Act Coalition. The organization is focused on the fight for higher education and immigrant rights. A proposition known as proposition 300 was passed in 2006. It is meant to make undocumented immigrant students to pay out-of-state tuition fee in colleges. It also made these immigrant students unqualified to receive public scholarships even if they merit any of them.

Due to this proposition, so many immigrant students had to drop out of school since they could not muster the financial resources to pay such outrageous fees. A small group of students from Arizona State University formed a support group. The group led to the formation of The Arizona Dream Act Coalition. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The vision of this organization is a state or even a country where undocumented immigrants will have access to all the privileges available to documented citizens. The organization envisions a country where undocumented immigrants are not segregated to a particular community.

They also have a vision of a country where undocumented immigrants can live, work and even go about without the fear of political persecution.

The mission of this coalition is to defend the rights of undocumented immigrant communities through promotion of civic engagement and by also promotion of equal access of tertiary education for immigrants. The duties of the coalition have been grouped into five programs which are civic engagement, education, education not deportation, no dream deferred and campaigns.

The coalition achieved several feats in their bid to actualize their vision. One of such feats was the one achieved on February 17, 2015. It was the first time the coalition sued and defeated a sitting Governor in Arizona.

Sweetgreen’s Healthy and Organic Way to Better Eating

There is a healthy food chain on the market that is successfully growing in time, and Sweetgreen’s so happens to be that new model in the fast food industry. Sweetgreen is an industry that is on the rise of making its legacy by not just offering healthy and fresh food, but it is also organic and local food that is purchased from local farmers and purveyors. Sweetgreen’s has 40 locations including areas such as; Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington. Sweetgreen’s have almost shut down the corporate office five times per year due to wanting everyone to work in the restaurant. Now, the co-Ceo’s recently opened offices in the Los Angeles area without a main headquarters and is continuously looking to expand the company nationally. The great name investors, along with Nathaniel Ru, along with his co-CEO’s, Steve Case, Danny Meyer and Daniel Boulud is all about creating brands that protest for the good and wanting to feed more people with healthier food. They are also in the process of reassessing their management strategies for room of improvement within the company as they continue to expand.


Before the launch of their business, how it all started from the roots, they all met in their entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Not only did the entrepreneurship class and gathering together intrigued them to starting this business and united them together, but they all share something in common of having parents who too started their own business and are also first-generation immigrants. As they were going to school, they all realized that the area of Georgetown lacked plenty of healthy food options and knew they had to do something in order to make a change because it was quite difficult. A great idea came to mind when they realized that the landlord of their apartment building turned out to also be the landlord of the tavern located in the downtown area on M Street that they wanted to open their business venture. From then on, every day for a straight month, the entrepreneurs consistently contacted their landlord of hope and faith that she would agree to meeting with them to discuss their plans. Their hard work, dedication and determination made it all happen to where they were successful able to open their very first restaurant in 2007 of August, just some time after they graduated from college. It was predicted by them that this business venture would make a great success since they were able to empty out during the winter break, as all of the students had left campus for the holiday.

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Doe Deere In The Morning: What We Learned About Her From Her AM Habits

Doe Deere is synonymous with cosmetics and fashion. Her vibrant color choices along with her striking sense of flair leaves social media and the style community dazzled with her unique style. Deere founded the cruelty-free line of makeup, Lime Crime. Along with her commitment to making vegan makeup, the young entrepreneur has also taken the idea of makeup being a tool of empowerment and expression very seriously. When asked about her morning routine in Savoir Flair, her response made it apparent that she makes her creativity a high priority throughout her day.

Even though she admits that the calendar on her phone is what she lives by, Doe Deere also insists on taking time to smell the roses and enjoy the things that are important to her. She stated that she enjoys looking out the window while she eats her breakfast in the morning and making time to pay attention to her adorable felines, Puffy Fluffles and Chester von Battingham. Her love of animals is apparent even in the small details of daily routine. And while I’m sure that Deere’s cats aren’t particularly helpful in inspiring new and edgy makeup trends, we can presume that they serve as loving reminders of her commitment to protect against cruelty.

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After divulging information about her love of nature and the importance of keeping one’s skin and body healthy, Doe Deere revealed that her favorite part of the day was doing her makeup. Which comes as no surprise considering that her outside-the-box thinking was what made Lime Crime such a success. She said that the freedom of this alone time was important. Deere also stated that her favorite part of doing her makeup is blush and lipstick. Not shocking if you’ve ever caught a glimpse of Doe Deere on instagram. Attention grabbing colors are a bit of a signature look. Testing the boundaries and possibilities of various colors and shades have made Doe Deere a loud voice of empowered expression. So it only makes sense that expressing herself with color is still her most treasured past time.


The name Doe Deere is well known for being bold and daring. Her morning routine gives insight to a professional woman trying to strike a balance of complete person health and wellness while also managing to stay focused on her business. It was also both comforting and inspiring to learn that, at the end of it all, Doe Deere is passionate about makeup and it’s still what excites and inspires her.


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US Money Reserve Coins Make Fine Investments

There is a brand new e-commerce page at the US Monet Reserve, and someone who has questions about gold coin Investment many turn to this company.

There are quite a few good reasons to invest in gold coins, and someone who is making these investments will feel better about their net worth once all purchases are made. These coins are easy to use, easy to store and east to sell in the end, and this article explains how investing with gold is safe.

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#2: Keep The Coins For A Long Time

The coins may be kept for some time, and the person who has invested in these coins over the course of time will find it quite simple to cash in when ready. They may sell the coins after they have watched the value jump, and they will have a high profit based on the original value of the coins. This is a simple way to invest, and it saves quite a lot of money.

#3: The Coins Are Beautiful

The coins are quite a lot of fun to use, and they will ensure that the customer is deriving a bit of joy from them. They will make a fine collection, and they may be displayed as a collection if that is what the investor prefers. They may trade with others if that is what they prefer, and there are many people who will use these coins because they wish to get into the trading aspect of each coin. They may trade until they believe their collection is valuable enough, and that is the time to sell.

The US Money Reserve has built quite a business that ensures there are many ways for the public to enjoy investment, and they will sell heir coins online to anyone. Purchasing these coins is a simple way to invest, and they often come with a high value that is profitable.

Copa Star Provides Safe and Comfortable Hospital Atmosphere

The Copa Star hospital is one of the newest hospitals in Brazil and it has been a huge help to the people who live in the area of Brazil. It is something that has been comfortable for them and something that has made it easier for the people to be able to get what they need out of the different procedures that they are able to do at the hospital. The Copa Star hospital gives people the chance to get excellent care in a facility that is one of the best. They also have state of the art training programs that are designed to keep all of the staff members up to speed with the latest technologies that they are using in the area. When people are able to get what they need from the different options that are given to them, Copa Star can make sure that they are getting more out of the options that they have.

Depending on the different treatment plans that are offered, most people don’t even have to be transferred out of Copa Star to get what they need from the different facilities that are within the hospital. Most procedures can be performed right there and they don’t have to worry about stabilization which makes it much safer. In the past, people would have needed to be transferred to other areas to get what they needed when it came to surgeries and other types of procedures that they had in the hospitals of Brazil.


People who are admitted to Copa Star may feel like they are living in a luxury resort instead of in a hospital. It is something that has enabled them to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible. One of the features that people are able to take advantage of at Copa Star is the fact that they can get more than what they need out of the technology that comes with iPads in each of the rooms.

While the hospital was being built, patients were diverted to other areas. This created a huge inconvenience for the citizens in the area but it was something that would be worth it in the end. The patients at Copa Star are now able to take advantage of the opportunities that were given to them by the hospital so that they can make sure that they are getting more out of the options that are offered in the hospital instead of using the things that make it harder to do more with the hospital. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

Philanthropy is my Back Bone says, Betsy DeVos

It is said you never know what you have until you lose it but as for U.S.A they will not stand a chance to lose Betsy DeVos. Betsy DeVos is the current serving 11th U.S. secretary of education. She was nominated by President Donald J. Trump and on 7th February 2017 confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Betsy DeVos is a mother to four children and six grandchildren, married to Dick DeVos a community activist, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist too.

Betsy DeVos philanthropy work was initiated at her early age by her mother who worked at a public school as a teacher. Furthermore, Betsy DeVos’s interest in philanthropy grew after her children joined the Potter’s House Christian school and it came to her realization that not all children in the US stood a chance to get a quality education.

As a start, Betsy and Dick realized that in the school where their kids were, it was a real sacrifice for some parents to provide the needs their children wanted for example fees. While Having the resources to send his children to whichever school they wanted, Betsy and Dick thought it wise to start supporting individual students from low-income families at that school. Check this related article from

It later became a large commitment. In her career life, Betsy DeVos graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For thirty years Betsy DeVos served as a voice for parents and an advocate for children. Meanwhile, Betsy served as an in-school mentor at-risk child in the public schools of Grand Rapids in Michigan where her life and opinion towards education changed.

Betsy DeVos has also served at the position of chair lady at an investment management and enterprise firm (The Windquest Group) that is focused on investing in technology, manufacturing, and provision of clean energy. Before the philanthropy work, in the 1990s The DeVos Family participated in politics. Betsy served as chair for a few years of Michigan Republican Party. After unsuccessfully trial to change the proposed constitutional amendment, Betsy founded the Great Lakes Education Project a political committee in Michigan.

It was focused on promoting education by expanding charter schools in the Michigan state. On an interview with the Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos greatest and successful move in her reign of duty and work is Florida. Florida has been able to enjoy the US longest period of popular educational choice through their tax credit scholarship program. The program has led to the growth of children attending school depending on their family desires. Betsy as the current Secretary of Education she is focused on transforming Education to Serve the Needs of Individual Students from families that are financially unstable. Visit to know more about their foundation.