Ted Bauman A Legendary Figure in the World of Investments

Ted Bauman is a renowned legendary figure in the world of investments. Bauman, an economist, and historian by profession serve as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishers. At Banyan Bauman authors multiple investments newsletters such as the Alpha Stock and the Bauman letter among others. Bauman investment writing revolves around three critical areas, and that is asset protection, low-risk investments as well as international migration issues.

One emerging trend that Ted Bauman has lately found interesting is the sudden interest of most of his followers on topics concerning the nature of the global economy. According to Bauman, many of his subscribers are becoming curious about the advantages and risk associated with accommodating large businesses. The question they are asking is whether to invest in such businesses, in the long run, is an excellent financial strategy that will not only benefit them but the society at large. Large business accommodation is a strategy that western countries have been supporting for many years now. The strategy has produced mixed result and problems of free capital movement, and lack of financial products regulations are beginning to emerge says, Bauman. Bauman says even though he is not a big fan of government regulations, he has to go an extra mile and provide his clients with information and solutions regarding problems and topics that interest them. More Business News at chronicleweek.com

One habit that makes Ted Bauman more productive is proper time management. Bauman knows perfectly well the times that he is most productive. As a result, he tries as much as possible to spend his productive hours getting the hardest work done. Bauman admits that he is not a good time manager but knows that in the wee early morning hours, it is the time that he is most productive. As a result, Bauman gets up early and selfishly guards that time of the day. During that time, Bauman does not allow people to bother him and does nothing else apart from being deeply submerged in his work.

One thing that Ted Bauman does time and again and would recommend others in his profession to emulate is to always source for new information. Bauman constantly tries to gather new information in areas that he is considered an expert. The investment industry is such a dynamic industry says, Bauman. Each time one always has to be ahead of his game. To stay informed, Bauman always looks for information on mainstream media and other places such as the internet.

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Ashley Lightspeed Brings Her Digital Media Expertise to Lightspeed Venture Partners

Ashley Lightspeed has built a name for herself in the business world having worked with reputable companies worldwide. During her earlier years, she adored the architectural works of her father. Besides, she used to watch him closely as he lay down the works on the drafting table. However, as Lightspeed grew up, the interest in business replaced that of architecture. She borrows a leaf from her father in developing a new business model, products, and services.

Her latest move in the business industry involved joining Lightspeed Venture Partners. Ashley lightspeed joined a team of professionals in the venture capital company. It specializes in nurturing to start up investments to acquire consumer space. Besides, Venture Partners help the upcoming companies understand the technology and enterprises strategies in entrepreneurship. See More on Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg.

Ashley lightspeed brought with her vast experience from top companies she served in her working career. After graduating from Duke University, she joined Bain & Company and gained expertise in shaping business intelligence by applying economic modeling strategies.

Lightspeed later joined Thumbtack that specialized in weddings and events activities. The company sharpened her marketing prowess as she helped it achieve its unmatched online marketplace presence. However, she signed a consultancy contract to work with the company as she continued with education at Stanford.

Ashley worked with BetterUp and while still at school. Some colleagues connected her to the startups after they discovered her engagement with Thumbtack. She helped the startup companies achieve their growth strategies as she earned some income from them. After joining Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley decided to terminate the consultancy services with Thumbtack to concentrate on the new venture.

She joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in 2018 together with five other partners that worked with renowned companies worldwide. Lightspeed hopes to benefit from the new exposure as she helps the venture achieve its goals through her digital media expertise. Besides, many startups would benefit from her passion for helping new investments.

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Paul Mampilly – New goal to help people make money

Paul Mampilly is a legendary investor. He has put his guidance to extraordinary use inside the cash portion, especially his MBA from Fordham University. He was a partner portfolio chief for Bankers Trust in 1991. He continued getting data and inclusion with contributing. He earned critical positions at legal firms, including Deutsche Bank and ING. After retiring from Wall Street, Paul Mampilly started a new venture whose goal is to help people make money in real. In an interview, he said that the reason he left Wall Street was that he always felt that it failed to help everyone. It only catered to the elite class, helping them to make more money. Paul Mampilly is an American theorist and investor. Paul has been incorporated on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV. He is the originator of the standard endeavor handout Profits Unlimited. Here he uses his capacities, experience and learning as a past Wall Street insider to deal with his more than 1 lac supporters into stocks that are set up to shoot higher in the market. Read more full interview of Paul Mampilly at Inspirery.com

For Him, His conclusive goal is to empower more people to get to the kind of budgetary independence. This would change themselves to improve things. There are numbers of who people choose incautious cash related decisions not because they’re senseless or maladroit, however since they haven’t been told the best techniques or the best way to make sharp fiscal moves. This where Paul Mampilly plays his role and it’s been an incredibly fulfilling foundation past my time on Wall Street administering billion-dollar holds. On answering a question about what piece of advice he would like to give to an investor he suggests that it’s very important to look at the market trends. If an investor wants to enjoy success his focus should be on development. Advancement is a noteworthy example that will fill the market for quite a while into what’s to come. You need to focus on the need of people, technology advancements, what are companies doing to provide a solution to the current problems, what are the market trends globally. All of these things will help you to become a successful investor and make the right kind of investments.

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Kisling Nestico & Redick Donate Bike Helmets Across the Ohio Region

Kisling Nestico & Redick is the law firm based out of Ohio that is always willing to help out local communities in several ways. The firm has built up quite the reputation both as the place to turn for personal injury cases and as the law firm that cares and devotes a great deal of time and effort to philanthropy. Kisling Nestico & Redick was putting its philanthropic spirit on display once again with a giveaway of bike helmets. This was a part of the firm’s efforts to raise awareness of the importance of bicycle safety.

Because the Kisling Nestico & Redick team are the experts in personal injury cases, they also take a great deal of pride in providing awareness on issues where personal injury can be avoided altogether. Riding a bicycle with a helmet is one of the best ways to add protection to the rider and decrease the chance of personal injury. That is why the Kisling Nestico & Redick team is proud to offer up programs that raise awareness of the need to protect one’s self. The firm did so recently during National Safety Month. The philanthropic wing of Kisling Nestico & Redick is known as KNR Cares and the organization donated over five-hundred bicycle helmets to children across the state of Ohio.

Since its founding, Kisling Nestico & Redick has had an impressive path of growth. This growth has led to the firm becoming one of the most recognized and respected firms in Ohio in the area of personal injury case law. The team at Kisling Nestico & Redick is composed of thirty dedicated attorneys and a large group of professional support staff members. The law firm has attained a great deal of praise due to its dedication to getting clients the compensation that they deserve in their cases involving personal injury matters.

Getting Help from Agera Energy

When you want or need a great energy provider, there is none better than Agera Energy. Follow Agera Energy on facebook.com.

Agera Energy has been a leader within the industry for many years and continually works with customers all over the nation. You can get to know the company through their Wiki page as well as Twitter. There are many reasons for you to consider Agera Energy and why it is a company that you can trust time and time again.

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With a lot of individuals wanting to switch over companies, there is none better than Agera Energy and why they have been offering great services at affordable rates. You won’t just be able to save money, but you will be able to get a provider that you can trust time and time again. Agera Energy is there to change your mind about how these types of companies work for their many customers around the nation. Read more about Agera Energy at masspowerchoice.com.


The Partnerships of Matt Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western, LLC serves as acquisition and developer of oil and gas reserves in the gulf coast area. Its primary concern are areas with both geological and geophysical advantages. GCW is led by its president and CEO, Matt Fleeger. It was actually founded by his father in 1970. Today it remains based in Dallas but maintains offices in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. It has also made some strategic partnerships over the years which have helped it enormously. Its partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration has given in access to hundreds of miles in Southern Louisiana.

In particular, this partnership has access to many lands near Acadia, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Evangeline and St. Landry Parishes. This prime area is so promising than it is predicted to produce over 800 barrels a day. The partnership also gave Gulf Coast access to much highly prized 3D seismic data.

Another more recent but huge partnership is with Northcote Energy Ltd. With this partnership Gulf Coast obtained 50% interest in Northcote’s many projects throughout Louisiana. This included the Lutcher Moore #20 well which produced a massive 100 barrels a day. The partnership also included an interest in four wells in the Frio and Cockfield formations.

Up to the present Gulf Coast, Western has limited itself to the Gulf Coast region, however it is even now investigating other areas of the country. And it has already formed a number of incredibly promising partnerships with companies in various regions of the country. Fleeger continues the proud tradition of leading Gulf Coast under the founding values of integrity and ethics. His leadership is so respected that he ha been listed in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Before joining his father’s company, Fleeger founded MedSolutions, Inc., which he also served as CEO and President for 13 years.

Matt Badiali is Recommending Investors to Invest in the Growing Marijuana Industry

In the recent past, the growth, use, and legalization of Marijuana have been on the rise not only in the US but globally. In the US, Oklahoma becomes the most recent state to legalize the use of cannabis for limited purposes, such as in the medical industry. More than 25 states in the US have already legalized the use of cannabis but in limited cannabis. It is not only the US that the use of Marijuana is becoming increasingly allowed, but also other nations are beginning to accept and have seen the tremendous benefits of Marijuana such as Canada. Read more about Matt on Interview.net.

Canada becomes the latest state in the G7 group to legalize the use of Marijuana. Canada by October is expected to legalize cannabis use in all its provinces. The news that Canada is going to allow the use of all forms of Marijuana in all its provinces has been well received by Investors. According to Matt Badiali investors wants to have a share of the billion dollar industry. In 2017 the legal marijuana Industry was estimated to be worth more than 6 billion in the US alone. With increased acceptance of the product in many states and nations is expected to push the figure even higher and Badiali says this is the right time that investors should start investing in the industry as it is set to explode.

Matt Badiali is such an authority in the investment industry and has decades of experience in research, market analysis, and in the financial investment sector. About 90 percent of what Badiali predicts in the investment sector comes to pass. Badiali makes investment decisions after doing extensive research and analysis of the market. Badiali is an alma mater of both Penn University and Florida Atlantic University where he pursued an undergraduate and master’s degree in geology respectively. Badiali is a hands-on person and has traveled far and wide to conduct market research and see firsthand investment opportunities. Some of the investment regions that Badiali has traveled to include Singapore, Switzerland, and Papua New Guinea, among others. Badiali currently is an editor of the Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing. He authors articles on lucrative investment opportunities and has a successfully been able to command a massive following.

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Oren Frank Shares How He Got Involved In The Mental Health Therapy Business

Oren Frank is an entrepreneur in the mental health therapy sector. He co-founded Talkspace in April 2012 and is the chief executive officer. Under his leadership Talkspace has become the dominant therapy app. People use the app to communicate with a licensed therapist. This can take the form of texting, audio, and video. His mission is to make therapy affordable and accessible to everyone.

He spent the first several years of his professional career in the marketing and advertising industry. Oren Frank had been an executive at McCann Erickson, including chief executive officer of their WorldGroup Israel subsidiary. He was also the global chief creative officer at MRM Worldwide.

It was after doing couples therapy with his wife that they both became very interested in therapy since it worked so well for them. They understood, though, that they were privileged and many people can’t afford therapy or carve out the time to go to a therapist on a regular basis. They thought up an app that would be much more affordable than in-person therapy and would be convenient for anyone to use. Find out more about Oren Frank at Huffpost.

Oren Frank says that the trend he is most excited about is the transition from a male-led culture to one that is led by women instead. Men have done a terrible job leading over the past 4,000 or so years. He thinks that women are more advanced than men and will do a much better job as leaders. Every time a woman becomes a VC, politician, entrepreneur, or CEO he sees is as a big achievement and move toward a better world.

His other big thought is that social media is destructive and addictive. He would be very happy to see Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest fail and go out of business. He calls them are surveillance companies that are destroying democracy and journalism.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talkspace

A Brief Sit Down with Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is possibly the most successful corporate lawyer alive today. He’s regarded as the most sought-after attorney in the United States by many prestigious legal organizations. He specializes in many areas of acquisitions and company mergers, as well as executive compensation and company governance.

Throughout his career, he’s worked on some of the largest corporate cases in U.S. history, including the buyouts of big-name companies like AT&T Corporation, South African Breweries PLC, and J.P. Morgan Chase and Company. Clients come to him from all over the world seeking his advice on matters concerning managerial governance, major company changes, and CEO advice.

With such an outstanding career performance, it’s no wonder he was named Chairperson of the Merger and Acquisitions Subcommittee – Business Sector of the American Bar Association. He’s been listed among top attorneys in the nation by such publications as Chambers USA Guide and Legal 500.

Prior to his illustrious career, Jeremy Goldstein was a shining example of collegiate prowess. He holds many degrees from several universities, beginning with a Bachelor of Arts he earned from Cornell University. Next, he enrolled at the University of Chicago, where he earned his Master of Arts. He went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree from New York University.

Given his impressive educational background, it comes as no surprise that he approached his career with the same overachievement. Rather than fall into the category of ‘traditional law practices’, Goldstein cared more about forming strong relationships with his clients.

During his first job in the legal field, he noticed a significant lack of innovation, due to many attorneys approaching every problem the same way. Jeremy Goldstein uses a more informal approach to working with clients, allowing for more flexibility and adaptability. He chose a life in law because it most-matched his personal life and ambitions.

Unlike other law firms, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates doesn’t make money only one way. They specialize in many sectors of law and rely on several tasks to earn a profit. Goldstein, himself, offers consulting to companies and CEOs but mostly guides companies through sensitive changes like acquisitions and mergers.

Furthermore, Mr. Goldstein doesn’t measure his company’s success based on its bank account. His approach to achieving monetary success uses long-term strategies, so instant success is hard to measure. While some say that he didn’t achieve success for many years, he sees those early years as building relationships and a reputation that made him and his firm one of the most successful in the country.


To learn more, visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.

How Gustavo Martinez is Redefining Success in the World of Advertising

Each company in the commercial world has two main objectives — to increase the sales and ensure that the profits are at par with the company’s projections. Gustavo Martinez has been on a journey of helping companies achieve the two objectives but under different entities. According to multiple advertising journals, he is one of the most skillful professionals in our time, and he understands what each company needs to attract traffic and eventually sales volumes. He has also worked with hundreds of clients during his three decades career and thanks to his work experience; Gustavo Martinez counts himself lucky for experience and growth. Martinez also points out that although the industry has undergone through different changes, the principles of advertising have remained the same.


In his career as an advertising guru, he is fortunate to be part of the biggest projects of our time. Through the main three companies he has worked for, Gustavo Martinez has been able to supervise some of the most iconic projects in this niche. Unlike other mainstream advertising professionals, he believes that each project is unique, and therefore, each project must have an exceptional approach. Thus, each project — in his three decades career — was a product of research and more importantly creating realistic projections. Gustavo Martinez also understands that after the project is thorough, he has a duty as an expert to do a follow up on whether the project brought sales or not. If the sales remained constant, he employed a different approach, and this summarizes his entire advertising career.


Advertising is arguably one of the most competitive niches in the world and in order to remain useful to companies and other professionals, he the following approaches. First, Gustavo Martinez works with some of the best teams in creating gigs, and this approach has many advantages, as far as his longevity and creativity are concerned. Second, he understands that reading and investing in research is also a game changer in his life as a marketer and advertising professional. In the last three decades, he has developed a culture of reading and reading has helped him in developing different perspectives in his work as a marketer.


Although the marketing principles remain constant, the industry has undergone different changes, and thanks to these changes, the marketing industry is more efficient. One of these changes, according to Gustavo Martinez, is the Internet and more specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT). He points out that any modern marketer must acknowledge these changes and invest time and resources in understanding them. In the past eight years, Martinez has invested his time in understanding how the new trends affect his work as a marketer and more specifically, how to capitalize on these changes as an expert.


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